Monday, November 19, 2012

When to tackle the ol' potty

I haven't started potty training with Luke yet. He is 2 years, 5 months. I've asked him a few times if he'd like to sit on the potty, and he always yells, "NO!!"  But I think that if I made a big deal about it, took diapers off, got out the little potty, offered rewards, there's a possibility that he might do it.

Part of me wants to put it off longer, because it's really hard for me to crouch down and wipe up accidents off the floor at the moment (just being honest here). However, it's very expensive to have two kids in diapers (done that twice), and it will be harder to shuffle him onto the potty quickly if I'm nursing a newborn.

So...if I share it publicly, maybe I'll follow through. When we get back from Thanksgiving travels I'm going to give it a go. Maybe he'll surprise me and train easily. If it goes poorly, I'm not going to have the energy to push it very hard in my last month of pregnancy.


Pam said...

I don't envy you embarking on the potty thing. It was such a chore with Daniel that I actually felt quite traumatised through the whole thing. But it will be better for you if he's trained once your baby girl arrives won't it. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Let David teach him. Luke will want to imitate his big brother. You supply the M&Ms.
Just a thought - Sue

Weed said...

Good luck! I'll be cheering you on!! I'm planning on starting after New Year's with Rebecca, but she has little to no interest, so I'm not holding out much hope. I may have to stop and wait until summer. We'll see.

Weed said...
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