Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend in Photos

Turkey on the Green Egg grill

Luke was beside himself to practice "driving" Grammy's Corvette

Three ladies work on hand-dipping the dumplings

David is giddy to adjust the controls

Everyone dig in! This meal is a true labor of love by Grammy and Papa John. They pour hours into every detail.

After-dinner snuggles

Grammy pulled out Daddy's Legos from childhood. See how David is making sound effects?

We stopped at Dad and Sue's on the way home to visit and cheer for the Buckeyes.  

David and Great Grandma search for hidden objects in the tube.

Katy always talks Grandma Sue into a game of some sort.

Different grandparents, kids still playing board games with them.

My Granny and Grandpa pulled out this Fischer Price castle that brought back all kinds of childhood memories for me. I can't believe they still have this at their house!

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