Friday, November 02, 2012

Chatty Kat(h)y

Katy was so chatty this morning. I find that once in awhile she will just talk and talk and talk about school, and I am trying so hard to say the right things so she will keep talking. While I was getting ready this morning, she was in my room in her pajamas telling me about how strong she is getting because of her gymnastics class. (She is taking a little 5 session class at the rec center.) She got on the scale to see if she grew any and was still just 39 pounds. (David is 42 pounds on the same scale these days). She asked if there was a way to measure whether she was getting stronger like you step on a scale to see if you are growing. I said the best way to tell was if she was able to do things that she coudln't do before, like cartwheels and flips on the bar. She nodded and then looked in the mirror and flexed: "Yeah, but I think I can tell just by looking at my muscles."

During breakfast she was telling me all about the week's activities at school. She said they had been learning about the election and each of them voted in a mock election for the presidental race. She said she voted for Obama (we have not talked to her about the candidates or political parties, so that was her own choice). Then she said that her friend M "was going to vote for Mitt Romney, but then she found out that he believes in Wonder Woman, so she voted for Obama." I'm assuming she heard something about women's issues - not sure how that translated to believing in Wonder Woman?

The report today is that Obama won the first grade election. My friend Kate was telling me that the mock election by Weekly Reader (in which kids from all across the country vote for president) has been in agreement with the actual result every presidential election since 1946, with one exception. I wonder who the kids picked this time?


Pam said...

Ha ha ha! Loved the muscles story! Jack and his friends have been talking politics for weeks, I was surprised. Jack said to me "Romney does not want to care for poor people" but his friend J wants to vote for Romney because he thinks Obama should take turns. Priceless.
How do we find out the Weekly Reader results?? I am SO ready for this election to be over.

Weed said...

I read that about Weekly Reader, too, and also read that this year they picked Obama, so we'll see if the streak continues! That's so funny about Wonder Woman!