Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Steps to June 16th

Slowly but surely, we're getting there.

After my 36 week check, with a report of "almost 2cm, 50% effaced," I started to get a little excited, like maybe, just maybe, I'd break the pattern and have this baby even slightly before my due date. However, this past week at the 37 week check, no further progress had been made, and she said that I'm likely headed toward my due date, or thereabouts.

Truth be told, I'm not quite ready yet anyway, so that's fine. I've got some appointments and plan for this week, and my little part time job has been Blowin' Up, so I could use a little more time. But I'm huge, uncomfortable, and hot, so I would certainly welcome the baby anytime he wants to make his arrival.

I was also starting to wonder how we were going to arrange the room so the baby can share with us for a while until we figure out where he should sleep long term. Our bedroom in this house is probably half the size of our attic suite in the old place, so it was going to require some creative arrangement. But I went out to run errands during naptime today, and I came home to find this: a little corner-of-our-room-turned-nursery! (that mirror was a recent garage sale find. Pretty, isn't it?)

It doesn't look like much, but this required some major closet-emptying in order to put Brian's dresser in the closet, along with moving five other pieces of furniture. All during one nap!

On Monday, we're going to meet up with my grandparents and borrow a dresser for the baby. THEN I'll be able to put away the clothes I've washed and we're in serious business.

Meanwhile, it turned to summer! Another step toward June!

Another major hurdle of the week was figuring out what to do about the broken washing machine. We've had to shell out quite a load of cash lately for home improvements, so we debated about getting a used washer to get by. But after pondering the amount of laundry that a family of five could potentially produce in upcoming years, we decided to do some research and purchase a decent quality machine. Brian did a lot of legwork, and today we ordered our new fancy front-loader (any advice?). The only downfall is that it won't be delivered until Friday, so that will be a total of 16 days without laundry facilities. Thank goodness for the generosity of friends. (And yes, one more reason I'm fine not to deliver this week)

As for names, I think we have it narrowed down to 5? Well, 5 first names and 3 middle names, which is really 15 possibilities. Getting there...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sinking In and The Big Question

So here we are. Thirty-six weeks.

After tomorrow's party (4 year olds! A pinata! Balloon animals! Face painting!), I will have gotten through this busy spring and will be ready to focus on Project Baby. I've started to pull things up from the basement, dust off the car seat, and collect diapers at deep discount. One unfortunate consequence was that after 7 loads of laundry, our washer spit at me, rolled over, and died. (At least it was after the 7 loads instead of before)

We still haven't decided on a name. We have some that we have agreed that we both like, but still nothing that we're sure we love. I have a feeling it's going to be a game-time decision.

But it's starting to sink in. I know it seems silly that it would need to sink in, considering the size of the belly. But it really hasn't. It's easy when you have two littles to focus on the craziness of day to day life and lose sight of the new life that's about to rock the boat.

And my overall thought is: oh my gosh - wait! I forgot what the last month of pregnancy is like, and I'm scared about labor and delivery, and how will I handle the demands of a newborn with these other two running around?

But I'm also getting excited. I look forward to seeing who this baby is, getting to know his preferences and quirks, seeing how Katy and David react to him, and taking cute little pictures of him. I enjoy getting out all the baby equipment and anticipating the little tike putting it to good use.

Then there's the Big Question. It's a sensitive question, and I hesitate to mention it in some ways. But of course it's on my mind as I approach the end of this pregnancy. Is this the end of the child-bearing road? In many ways, this could definitely be it. And many people would think it was crazy to consider otherwise. But there's a part of me (well, us) that can't be sure just yet. A corner of my heart has wanted four kids since I was a teenager, but that was before I knew the reality of parenthood. And it seems tough to totally close that window, to put an end to that season of life. Obviously it has to be done at some point, though, and the reality of three kids may solidify that decision for us. But we shall see. I wonder if I would feel differently heading into this delivery if I felt confident that it was my last.

Either way, we're weeks away from becoming a family of five, and for that, I am tremendously thankful. And nervous. And excited.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She's Four!

To my dear baby girl,

You have been anticipating this day for months. With three previous birthdays under your belt, you are well aware of the excitement of a borthday. There's cake, there are presents, and there's good times. And for the second year in a row, there's a trip to the zoo.

Even though it poured a steady rain during the 20 minute drive to meet Grandpa and Grandma Sue at the zoo, your enthusiasm did not wane. You strapped on your jacket and popped up the umbrella and got those sandals wet. That's the joy of being four. Life is fun. Every day is a new adventure.

My overreaching impression of you right now is that you are SO. BIG. But the irony is, you are quite petite, even for your age. Several times in the last few weeks, strangers have asked me if you and your brother are twins. You are barely taller than he is, but the difference between 2 and 4 is eons. And what you lack in size you make up in personality.

I feel like I should be sad that you are becoming such a big girl, but it is so enjoyable to see you grow up that I can't help but love it. I am fascinated by the person you are becoming. This morning you buckled your sandals for the first time by yourself and you declared, "Mommy! Now that I'm 4, I can put my sandals on!" So proud of yourself.

I also love the bond that I have with you as my daughter. This morning you came and crawled into bed with me, since we weren't as rushed to get ready. I love you so dearly and can't wait for all of the years ahead that I get to spend with you.

You are so genuinely excited for the new baby that will be joining our family in a few short weeks. You have told us that you will take care of him, although you understand that you will need some help with a few things. When Oma asked if she could hold him when she comes, you decided reluctantly, "For a minute."

David is quickly becoming your best friend. The two of you are playing every kind of game together. Your favorite of the moment is "doctor." You also love Cootie, coloring books, writing letters, and riding your bike. And of course, you love to pick up one of David's matchbox cars and run away so he'll chase after you screaming, "NO, Key!! My tar!!"

This year has been a big one for you. Since your last birthday, you've become potty accident-free (for the most part), completed a year of preschool, made huge strides in overcoming your fear of physicians, and slept in regular beds even for travel. You have friends, you moved to a new house (which you now ask when we'll move to the next New House), and you can write your name. You are more reasonable in your emotional reactions to things that don't go your way. That's a nice way of saying that you aren't nearly as difficult to deal with as you were a year ago. (No offense, baby girl, I think most parents of four year olds would say the same thing.)

I do feel a little nervous when I imagine what next year will be like on your fifth birthday. We'll be getting ready for kindergarten, with two active little brothers under your feet. But if that is as precious as this year has been, I can't wait. Every year as your mom gets better and better. You are my wonderful little spitfire of a baby girl.
I love you,

Friday, May 14, 2010


It's officially garage sale season, and my kids are quickly becoming garage sale veterans. On most Friday mornings, we scout a few, and they sit in the back seat and shout useful things like, "There's one, Mom!" "That one doesn't have much kid's stuff, mom!," and, "Do you see anything that we need, Mom?" Need is a relative term, you know.


Somewhere along the road of language development, David starting putting the word "said" at the end of about half of his requests. It's a form of emphasis, derived from "I said." But he says it even the first time he tells you. For example, "Want a juice pop, Said!", "Go outside, ride bikes, Said!", or "Watch Dora, Said!"


Katy had her last day of preschool this week, which was bittersweet. She had such a good year this year, as documented in the memory book her teachers made for her. One of her teachers commented on Katy's aspirations to either be a doctor or make tacos at Chipotle. She is completely torn between the two, and has asked me multiple times if she can do both. I tell her absolutely. In fact, she will have to make quite a few tacos to pay her way through medical school.


Until recently, David has had a hard time remembering all the different names that we call the grandparents. You have to admit: it's hard to keep Grandpa, Gradndma Sue, Oma, Opa, Grammy, Papa John, Great Grandma Martha, Great Granny, Great Grandpa, and Great Grandma G all straight. In the last few visits, he has started to remember which are which, but the pronunciation isn't perfectly clear. Or at least not perfectly accurate, like Oma for example. He knows who he means, and clearly calls her "Obama." We'll ask, "Who's in this picture at the beach, David?" He'll answer, "Mommy, Daddy, David, and Obama!" "Who gave you that car, David?" "Obama!" He sees a car that's the same make and model as my mom's: "Obama's car!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So many firsts in the fourth year of life...first day of preschool, first visit to the dentist, and first bus ride. She talked about this field trip for weeks prior, and she was just as excited to ride the bus as she was to arrive at the destination, where she would sample the best ice cream on earth (just ask Oprah). And although it seems a bit silly to arrive at school early, remove your car seat from your own vehicle, install it on the bus, arrive early for pick up, remove the car seat from the bus and return it to your vehicle... was totally worth it to see the look on her face as she waved good-bye. She thought she was Hot Stuff.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


I started this post almost two weeks ago. I'm just having a really hard time getting organized or coherent thought together. Many of you know that this past month has been a difficult one for my family, and this spring is looking quite different than we anticipated. I only posted 4 times in April, which is the lowest since I started this blog. But there's still a ton of stuff going on, so I'm hoping that getting some of it down will help me to jump start back into a routine of writing.


Baby boy is still chugging along nicely, due to arrive in five and a half weeks. One day this week I had no fewer than five people tell that there was no way I would make it that long (based on the size of my belly). The only problem with that is that it gives me this little glimmer of hope about going early. And history says I ain't goin' early.

We still don't have a name picked out. We still don't know where the baby will sleep (I think we'll wait and see what kind of sleeper he is). We don't have any clothes washed or any baby items brought up from the basement. But I'm still not stressed about it. I feel like I have tons of time. I think I'm afraid, once again, that getting everything out will get my hopes up that the baby will come sooner than June 16th.

Also, by this time with David's pregnancy, I was in a ton of pain with both sciatica and carpal tunnel that kept me up at night. I've discovered this time that wearing running shoes all the time significantly reduced the sciatica pain (although lowering my fashion score). And for whatever reason, I'm not having carpal tunnel - yet! So I'm thankful for that. I'm so tired I can hardly see straight, but I know it could be worse.


Katy was talking about who she wanted to invite to her birthday party (read: everyone, if she had her wish), and she paused and asked, "Can I invite dogs to my birthday party?" I asked, "Dogs? Which dogs?" "Like Olive and Frisco..." (two dogs on our street). Apparently she considers them friends.


I had a Girls' Night one night and some of the corresponding men got together for a "playdate" while we were out (would've loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one). When I went in to get David from his nap that afternoon, Katy burst into the room and said, "David! We're going to Emmaline's house to eat pizza with the daddies!" and David responded, "Ride Daddy's car!?!? Wow!!! Coooool!"


My seasonal allergies are as bad as they have ever been. I had never had them until a couple of years ago (I feel like they were brought on by pregnancy - is that possible?). Since I'm not a veteran in this area, I'm wondering how long they will last.


Part of my fatigue is fed by the reduction in Katy's nap. She goes up to her room everyday for "quiet time," but she only falls asleep about 30-40% of the time. On the one hand, I don't mind the days that she doesn't nap, because she goes to bed in the evening so much more easily. On the the other hand, only having about 45 minutes of break from her - not even enough time to complete my work - is wearing on me. She comes back down and I'll set her up on some activity to try and keep her busy for a while longer so I can finish my job. Maybe about twice a week (including weekends), the stars will align so that I can lay down for a little bit.


One of the therapists at the office works part time because she has a baby. She offered to cover my maternity leave. I haven't said anything to anyone at work, but part of me wonders if she would be interested in taking over permanently. I really have such a great set up with my little part time job that I hate to give it up. But it seems to get harder and harder to find time to do it, and I'm sure adding a third will make that even more difficult. Things would definitely be tighter without that income, less wiggle room for sure. But after this baby comes, we may have to weigh the importance of that wiggle room versus my sanity.


I just started going to a new eye doctor because I needed contacts, and they are having trouble finding a contact that fits properly (i.e. doesn't make it look like I'm seeing the world through a shower door). So I'm going back there almost weekly until it's straightened out. Add that to the fact that I'm about to start weekly OB checks and I had to subscribe to Brian's google calendar to keep it all straight.


This coming week is Katy's last week of preschool. Say what?!? I'm in denial about it. I feel a little nervous because we've gotten accustomed to having activities to keep us all busy during the week, and in the summer we won't have any of that AND we'll have a baby that makes getting out more difficult. So I've signed up for a few little "camps" and I'm hoping we'll get to the pool quite a bit. Who knows what this is going to be like. I do like having babies when the weather is nice, because at least you can get out in the yard if nothing else.