Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Lately Katy has been asking me quite frequently about playing with friends. The kids on our street are all older, and they do play together some, but she's really desperate to play with kids her own age. So I've been trying to set up a play date for her one day after school each week.

Yesterday she went to a friend's house who is in her class and in our GS troop. It was somewhat of an adventure because I didn't realize until the night before that this girl rode the bus home, which Katy's never done before. The mom offered to pick them up if I wasn't comfortable, but said that I could send a note and Katy could ride the bus. I thought she'd be excited to ride it just once, so I wrote a note.

Not only did the mom send me a picture message of her getting off the bus, but when Katy came home:

- she had finished her homework.

- she had eaten tilapia, steamed rice and carrots for dinner. (Tilapia!?)

- the mom had sent me pictures messages of the crafts they completed (including a "what I'm thankful for" craft) and a video of the girls singing a silly song.

Not to mention that this mom did all of this after walking in the door from a day at the office!

Can I hire this woman?


Weed said...

Impressive, indeed. I think I know which friend this is, but I'll have to confirm it with you later and then somehow get Rachel invited to go to her house every day after school, if she can get her to eat things like Tilapia and carrots!! (just kidding...but it would be pretty great!) Crafts? Homework? Songs? Dinner? Wow, how long WAS this playdate!? That's awesome! How did Katy like the bus?

Pam said...

Don't be fooled. I do those things with kids who aren't mine too! ha ha ha. The poor woman is probably flat out on the bed now fast alseep! Glad it went so well. I can just imagine how excited Katy was to ride the bus!