Tuesday, November 13, 2012

His name is what?!?

This was hanging in the hall at Katy's school during Parent Teacher conferences. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and laughed out loud at the last line.

"My monster has lins (lines) down his hands. It is a boy. He has three eyes. He has scin btwen his fingrs. (webbing) His haed is orange. His body is green. His mouth is mad! His har is poty (pointy). His name is Ruth."
I clarified later. "His name is Ruth?"
"What? No, his name is Rough."


Pam said...

ha ha ha! Love it, Definitely one for the memory box when it comes home. My favourite from Jack is a picture of MLK and he wrote underneath "I have a dream to work at Toys R Us". Priceless. :)

Oma said...


He was a pretty scary monster, though.

bluedaisy said...

Great creativity and great handwriting too!! Love the monster's name the best :)