Saturday, November 24, 2012


I swear, this is the last time that I will mention KMart or bunk beds (completely ridiculous that it's coming up 3 posts in a row). But I'm really, really, reeeeaaalllly disappointed. They cancelled our order, saying they couldn't fulfill it because they ran out of stock. So then why did the ad say - RIGHT above the picture of the beds - that you could order online and have it shipped to the store?

We tried to go to the store, call customer service, chat online with a representative, but to no avail. They won't honor the order (well, really, the price).

It's silly how disappointed I am, I do realize that. But you know how you feel really excited about something, and then especially so because you feel that you got a really good deal? Boo, KMart. (And Sears, since they are in this thing together).

Today we're on our way home, with 2 stops to visit my Dad and Sue and all of my grandparents. We're timing the trip so that we're able to watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan game on my Dad's big TV. 

So it's time to get over it and look forward to another day of food and family.


Weed said...

Oh, that stinks! I'd be bummed too. I'm sorry. :(

We're timing our travel. Today around the game, too...have a safe trip.

Weed said...

Sorry about that typo in the last comment...using my moms iPad and am still learning.

Pam said...

Shame on Kmart! What a crappy thing to pull on you. Well have a fun trip today and GO BUCKS!

Cindy said...

so sorry to hear this! i feel the same way about things like this....get so upset if something goes wrong. hopefully you are feeling better today. just means there is a better set or deal in your future!