Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our Little Punkin'

Happy Halloween! I now understand how fun this holiday is if you have kids, and I'm looking forward to when Katy gets bigger and appreciates dressing up. For this year, I didn't get her a costume because I figure she doesn't eat candy and goes to bed 30 minutes into trick-or-treat, especially after the time change. But I couldn't resist this pumpkin hat when I saw it at target. She got to pass out candy to a few kids and she actually had Joey and Doug and Aunt Mel stop by to see her today, so she enjoyed that.

On another positive note, today is the first day of my new job that I actually enjoyed going, wasn't completely stressed the entire time, and felt good afterward. So by December I'll have my caseload all evaluated and scheduled and I think it will work out really well. Melanie has a class on Tuesday afternoons next quarter, so we're brainstorming some strategies for how we'll work it out...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Katy's first cold, kitchen progress/mess

So this week has been a milestone of sorts in that Katy has had her first cold (first of many, I'm sure). I've been pleasantly surprised, knock on wood, that she hasn't been terribly fussy considering how miserable and stuffy she sounds. It apparently hasn't been affecting her ability to sleep much - as she somehow sleeps right through getting herself stuck like this... poor baby.

The other thing that's keeping us busy is the kitchen project. Walls are knocked down, floors are torn up, cabinets are removed, new cabinets in place (sort of), so Brian has obviously been working very hard. We've picked a paint color and are now getting to the "fun part" of choosing all the decor. Right now all of our food is in the dining room, but it's workable, and it will be worth it...

Except last night we had a bit of a mess. Brian was finishing some things in the basement while I was putting Katy to bed. He accidently spilled some paint thinner, not that much, but in a matter of minutes you would've thought someone had douced the house with paint thinner through a fire hose. I, of course, was paranoid about Katy, and we looked it up on the internet, and it said to call the fire dept. I made Brian call. :) They said just air it out and move the baby as far away as possible. So we opened all the windows (it was about 40 degrees out), turned the furnace off so as not to spread the fumes, and moved Katy to a pack n' play in the attic, where we all had a nervous, (Ny-Quil induced) sleep though the night. But today the smell is gone, the heat's back on, and all is well. Like Brian says, it's always somethin'...

Friday, October 27, 2006

First post

Okay, so I see this Sonic commercial on TV, it goes something like this:
Guy: I'm gonna put something on my blog about this milkshake, I think the readers would really like to hear about it.
Wife: You mean your mom?
Guy: Yeah, she's one of the readers.
Wife: I think she's THE reader.
Guy: Well, she said she was gonna tell her neighbor about it, so....

And I'm cracking UP, and I think, you know? I think I want to start a blog. Pam and Kelsey have one for their babies, and I love checking in on them. So Mom, if you're the only reader, ENJOY!! If anyone else checks in, bonus!

So for now, I'm just gonna see if I can post a picture, but I think it will be fun to keep a journal of life with my funny little 5 month old.