Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair? Cut.

First, some updates: Granny ended up being in the hospital for a week and had surgery on her shoulder in which they put in a metal plate and 6 screws. She's home now, and doing well. We're praying that her mobility continues to improve, but she's in good spirits and feeling optimistic about her recovery.

Also, the Girl Scout troop is officially underway! It has taken quite a bit of time the past few weeks: completing training (at home and in person), shopping for supplies, contacting parents, holding a parent meeting, and making a plan for the year. But we're really looking forward to it and we seem to have a great group of girls excited to participate. Once it gets going, I think it will be reasonable. The meetings are only twice a month, plus occasional field trips.

We've had several fun events this week that involve wearing costumes, but I like to wait until Halloween to show pictures of costumes - so all of that will come next week! I just realized that next week is November, and that in past years I have participated in NaBloPoMo (posting everyday during November). I just don't think there's any way I can do it this year. Unless I do REALLY short posts. But maybe I'll try that. I do feel badly that this is only my third post this month.

So you know when you reach that threshold in which your hair is suddenly TOO LONG and just NEEDS TO BE CUT IMMEDIATELY!  Do you reach that threshold with your kids too? I do - and last week all three of their little heads were bugging me. And I felt that everyone's hair needed to be cut.

For David and Katy, I attempted my 2nd home haircut for each of them. (I snuck David to the salon prior to preschool because I had a really good coupon) David's: I'm satisfied with. Katy's: I had it all cut and thought it was looking nice. Then I tried to get fancy and layer the ends a little. I BOTCHED one side. I had to start over and ended up chopping another TWO inches to even it out. Luckily she is really excited to have "short" hair, and I think it looks fine. (although I keep finding pieces that are too long and needing to trim)

Now as for Luke, I know that some of you will be disappointed about cutting the curls, but here's the thing. It had gotten to the point where it only looked cute like this for about an hour about his bath:

 After that, it was just looking a little unkempt, like a boy who needed a haircut:

(I looked at the zoo animals quite differently after the Zanesville incident - anyone else?)
I took him to a salon, because I knew he was going to be squirrely, at the least, and I wanted someone who knows how to cut it give it a first go. Let's just say it was the most dramatic haircut I've ever had. And I don't mean dramatic like waist length to stacked bob, I mean tears and screaming.

The entire 20 minutes. Poor baby did NOT want to sit there.

But I love the results! I actually think that in some ways he looks more like a baby, because he has so much less hair and it makes his cheeks look bigger.

What a sharp looking boy! (yes, he's making "Vrrmmm" sounds with his car)
With everyone's hair freshly cut, I'm considering making an appointment for family photos. One year ago we had our pictures taken at a park by a friend (see profile photo), but we haven't had a family studio picture taken since...Katy was a baby? Is that right?

Friday, October 14, 2011


Earlier this week, a fuel tanker crashed a few miles from here, spilling fuel at the intersection of 2 major highways. An 8-mile stretch of both highways was closed in both directions for EIGHTEEN hours, causing what some called the worst traffic gridlock in this city for 20 years. Several busses in our district didn't complete their morning route until after 11am - can you imagine having elementary students on the bus, stuck in traffic for over 2 hours? Potty? Tears? Restlessness? Nothing you can do? Those bus drivers deserved a bonus that day, or at least a piece of cake. All of this mess resulted in Katy's first "calamity day," because they cancelled afternoon kindergarten and started all the busses home early. Very strange what one truck crash can do to a million people for a day. (Sadly, the driver died.) Brian took David on his pumpkin fieldtrip, which was thankfully out in the country, so he didn't have a problem getting there, but some families never made it.

David chose Daddy to take him on his first field trip. I get that, I would've chosen him, too.


On the same day, my friend Abigail packed her family onto a plane and moved to Colorado. The week prior was filled with several "lasts" (last girls' night! last playgroup! last BBQ!) and several tears. As I mentioned before, not only is she part of a group of friends that I love, but she's one of my closest friends and I will miss her dearly. And do you know what arrived my mailbox just as she boarded the plane? A most precious gift...

A photobook! I hardly ever get prints of the pictures I take, so this is such a treat.

The crew...8 babies in 5 years...and counting.

The ones we'll miss.

The kiddos

The wild ones

The new neighbors (they just moved SO close to us!)

The classy ones


The big kids, who used to be...
...the babies. (Do you see my Diet Coke in that picture? It's an addiction.)


Finally, yesterday, my Granny (who recently met us at Young's, married to my Grandpa who spent the summer recovering from a fall in May) fell down the steps and is in the hospital with several fractures (ribs and shoulder).  So far they haven't had to do surgery to set the shoulder, but they will make the final call next week. I've had rib fractures, and they are so painful, especially when you have a chronic cough like Granny. Please pray for her recovery and the transition to home. I'm worried about her. She has spent her whole life loving on others, so I pray we are able to do the same for her. I wish I could just get in the car and drive there. My sister is going today.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Going On

*Katy's last soccer game is tonight, and life will feel significantly less busy (I think).

*After a brief cold spell, the weather here has been amazing for a week. I feel like we are on borrowed time.

*Luke has learned to say "NO!". Not "no" but "NO!". He's emphatic, and responds this way to every question you ask him, good or bad. ("Do you want to go to bed?" "NO!" "Do you want a cookie?" "NO!") He also shouts it at his siblings if they get too close to him or take something that he wants to play with. He has started throwing what I would call mild tantrums. If I try to get him to go in a direction that he doesn't want to, he goes limp, throws himself on the floor, and cries. After being my easiest baby, I'm wondering if he is going to make up for it in the toddler years.

*I hope I'm not crazy, but it appears that I am co-leading a Girl Scout troop for kindergarten at Katy's school. The good news is that my friend Wendy is co-leading with me, and as I watched the orientation video, I got really excited about all the fun we will have with the girls. I really think it is a great program, from which I have many fond memories.

*I'm wondering if this is a fall thing - but between Katy and David we will manage this month: 2 field trips, 2 class parties, 2 picture days, and a fundraiser.  And of course they're all on different days. I called a babysitter with a list of dates, but she wasn't able to help much, so I'm trying to choose what to do. It's hard when I'd like to help with everything. I know this will only get busier as the years go on.

*Brian's running a half-marathon this weekend.  I'm proud of him - he's been exercising very consistently for a solid year now. Neither of us have been able to keep up with it long-term since we got married/pregnant, so I'm glad he's got a groove going. If only I could get my own groove...

*This is random, but my kids were watching Backyardigans this morning and I laughed out loud at this song. (I also love Alisha Keys, so maybe her voice played a part in that as well). So I guess I have the sense of humor of a 4 year old?