Friday, November 23, 2012

Sleeping arrangements

KMart last night experience. We pulled up 5 minutes after they opened and Brian said, "No, I will NOT." Because there was a line around the building. But I assured him that was because they just opened, and the line was nearly gone by the time we parked and walked up to the door.

Most of the doorbusters were gone, of course, and even the small things that we found weren't worth standing in line for 30 minutes. But we looked at the bunk bed set and liked it. We could have bought it right then, but we couldn't have fit it in the van to take home (with all the kids and luggage), so we ordered it online for the same price, with free shipping to our local KMart at home. So we can go pick it up with our empty van when we get back.

Friends and family have been asking what we will do for sleeping arrangements once the baby arrives. We are fortunate to have 4 bedrooms, and right now we have:

- Master #1 - Brian and I

- Bedroom #2 - Katy and David

- Bedroom #3 - Nursery/Luke

- Bedroom #4 - Melanie/Guest

For the first couple of months, the baby will sleep with us in the master and everything else will stay the same. But once we get to about March or April, there are several possibilities. First, it depends on whether Melanie is still living with us. She knows that she is welcome to stay, and we all want her to move when the time is right financially and the right situation presents itself. So we're not sure exactly when that will be.

So IF Melanie is still living with us, my first inclination is to move Luke into Bedroom #2 with Katy and David. That's where the bunk beds come in, along with Luke's bed. (Crib or toddler bed? We'd have to borrow a 2nd crib, but a couple of people have offered). I just know it's going to be a challenge to move him into a bed, especially if we're moving him in with the other kids at the same time.

But the baby needs her own place to sleep. I know that for sure.

But here's the thing...even IF Melanie moves out by then...I'm still not sure what to do. The most logical plan would be to move Katy into #4 with the queen size bed and put the boys together in #2. Then we would still use bunk beds plus one twin in #2, and when guests come, Katy would sleep in #2 to make room for guests. But the problem with that plan is that Katy really cannot sleep alone right now. Sharing a room with David has been a huge help with her nighttime anxiety. She doesn't want to sleep alone, and it would cause disturbance for the family at night.

So then what would I do....move Luke into room #4 in the queen size bed? That seems like a big move for a first bed? And it's just put the 2 year old in the biggest bed in the room by himself? But that still might be the best plan. 

So we'll wait and see. When the decision was up in the air last time, I really didn't know what to do, but when it was game time, the best choice seemed obvious to me, and it was right for our family at the time. Hopefully the same clarity will come this time around.

But with all of the possible plans...eventually the bunk beds come in handy.

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