Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Yesterday, Melanie was looking through the mail and stopped short: "What the heck is THIS?!?" I took the postcard that she was reading and started laughing hysterically.

I'm certainly not making light of our right and responsibility to vote.  I just can't believe that they sent her this scolding in the mail the day before the election, apparently as some sort of incentive to change her ways? (By the way, she had every intention of voting today before receiving this note.)
Yes, I put masking tape on it. I need to learn to use Photoshop.


Pam said...

Ha ha ha! I kept getting emails from a candidate scolding me for not donating to his campaign. I wanted to respond and say that in the whole scheme of things, he has a motherload of money compared to me!

Giselle said...

I got this postcard also. Colbert talked about it on his show...saying politicians are now using guilt to get people to do things...like the Catholics have been doing for years! Made me laugh.