Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Update

So I guess maybe I'm not up for DAILY blogging this month, but several times a week is better than before, right?

We didn't have much in the way of plans this weekend, so we spent lots of time getting things done around the house: cleaning, final lawn mowing, hanging Christmas lights (I have never EVER gotten lights up before Thanksgiving before - but the weather was nice and it will be great to have that done when we get back in town), running errands, etc.

Yesterday I was on the computer and Katy asked me where her timer was to do her 15 minutes of daily reading (you know, to earn a pizza from Pizza Hut). I wasn't sure so she said, "Nevermind, I'll just use the timer on the microwave." I have to admit I was only half paying attention *blush*, so I just assumed she knew how to set the timer without turning ON the microwave. Ten minutes later, there's a funny smell in the house and the microwave is very hot and very dark. Ooops. I was feeling reeealllly guilty about it (could have been so dangerous, now going to cost us $$ to get a new one).  But after a few hours, it had cooled down and seems to be working again? I gave it a good vinegar wash and we'll see what happens. Not my proudest parenting moment.

I've been thinking a lot of baby names. The challenge is that I would like to find something that we a) love, b) agree on, and c) goes well with our other kids' names. I didn't realize when naming my older children that I was also setting myself on a path of naming style. There are names that even if I love them, don't flow with the others. Like Katy, David, Luke, and Savannah. Doesn't really work. So we're working on it...

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Jen said...

And, you could be crazy like me and insist that everyone's names have the same number of syllables. I didn't realize it with the first two, but when we were thinking of names for Emmaline, I figured out that all of our full names (first, middle, and last) had 6 syllables. I didn't want Emmaline to be different, so we had to come up with something short and sweet for her middle name. I think it was the crazy pregnancy hormones that made me do it, but I'm glad for the consitency now. =) Good luck!