Friday, March 27, 2009

Your first year



My David,

It hardly seems possible that you are 1 year old today. This year has flown completely out from under me. But in the same token, it seems like you've been part of our family for quite some time. You fit right in, like you were supposed to have been here all along.

I have so enjoyed getting to know you this past year. When I was pregnant, I was so curious to see what you would be like, and in a strange way, you are exactly as I suspected. Your personality is more laid back than your sister's, and sometimes I worry that your needs gets overlooked because you aren't quite as...demanding... as she is. But you certainly make yourself heard, and everyone comments on what a happy boy you are. You love people, and you smile at everyone. So far, you have not had any stranger anxiety, and you enjoy going to different places.

You also like to eat. You always have, since the day you were born. A few weeks ago I was getting nervous because you started pushing away the spoon and spitting all your baby food back our at me. So one day I was feeding Katy chicken nuggets and I shrugged and gave you one in little pieces. You inhaled it, and then waved your arms in that panicked way that I know means you want more. Since then I've been feeding you mostly finger foods, and you're eating like a champ. You also still like to nurse, which is fine for now. You haven't taken a bottle since you were 6 months old. We've moved on to the sippy cup, and you're getting better at this. I think still nursing is your way of making sure I don't leave for too long. You're sneaky that way.

You've spent many of your waking hours on my left hip this year. It's as if you put a stake in it as your territory, available to you whenever you deem necessary. But other than the back pain that has resulted (and sent me to physical therapy), I haven't minded one bit. You love to be held, and I love to hold you.

For the past couple of months, Daddy has been taking Katy to swim lessons on Thursday evenings. This has given you and me an hour and a half together before bedtime each week. This time has been so precious, and I learn more about you during that hour than the rest of the week. Last night, for example, we spent 30 minutes going up and down the stairs, dropping things and picking them back up again. You were happy as a clam.

I still wonder what it will be like to raise a son (I don't think there's much difference in the first year), and I'm anxious to see what the upcoming years will bring. If things go as planned over the next 6 weeks, you will never remember living in this house. It will be "the house where we lived when I was born," of which you've seen pictures and heard stories. (Well, come to think of it, you might know it as "the rental" if we still own it.) It's crazy that you won't ever have memories of the time we've spent here, even though I know you have been influenced by it.

You love your Daddy and your sister. You get so excited when Daddy walks in the door after work, saying Dada and bouncing up and down with your arms out. You also follow Katy around wherever she goes, wanting to play with whatever she's playing. Sometimes if she's upstairs and you are down, you stand at the gate and whine to go up with her. She's the life of the party in your eyes.

But you're also Mama's boy. On the occassion when I leave you with someone else for a bit, coming home is the best part. My heart melts to see how excited you are to see me, and how you won't let me get my coat off before you want to be held. That's what motherhood is all about. Those are the rewards for our efforts.

So I love you, baby boy. You are my Bubs. My Bubby Boo. Dave-o the Babe-o. My Dabid. The first year is a tremendous accomplishment for all of us as a family, and today, we celebrate!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Love you,



Allecia said...

Congrats Emily! Beautifully written. Enjoy this wonderful day!

Mommy Daisy said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday David!

Pam said...

Fabulous letter Emily. Made me cry.
Happy Birthday David!
Pam xx

Weed said...

What a sweet letter. Happy Birthday to David!! Enjoy!

Oma Froehle said...

Oma loves you, David! Happy Birthday!

Kate said...

Such a beautiful post Emily. He is growing into such a little man.

Your Coupon Coach said...

Happy Birthday David-Hope you loved your cake!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday David!

Alicia said...

Haven't read your blog in a while and am catching up. I just have to say that this was incredibly touching. Happy belated bday, David!