Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny Convo's

As we're pulling out of the drive-thru, Katy shouts from the back seat:

K: What are you eating today, Mommy, the number 5??


Somehow Katy has heard a rumor that the "Easter Rabbit" is coming to her house. (Oma, did this come up when you were coloring eggs or something? I can't figure it out.) Just like Santa, she's scared of the Easter Rabbit.

K: Mommy, I don't want the Easter Rabbit come to my house for Easter.

M: Don't worry about it, Katy. You won't see the Easter Rabbit.

K: What we gonna do Easter?

M: On Easter, we will wear a pretty dress and go to church to celebrate that Jesus is alive.

K: NOOO!! I don't WANT TO!!

M: You don't want to what?

K: I don't want to celebrate!


Lately Katy has been wanting to climb into my lap and snuggle, which has taken her nearly 3 years to develop. (Have you ever seen a newborn who didn't like to cuddle? I had one.) While on my lap:

K: Mommy, will you do something special with me?

M: Well, this is special, isn't it? Snuggling with Mommy?

K: NO! This is NOT special! I wanna do something SPECIAL, Mommy!


The other night after I put David to bed, I asked Katy if she wanted to go to Target with me to get David a birthday present. I'm not kidding you, I may as well have asked her if she wanted to go to Disney World for an hour. She squealed:

K: Yes, yes, YES!!!!

M: What do you want to get David for his birthday?

K: (without hesitation) A Dinosaur!!! (?) Let's go, let's go!

She literally hopped and skipped all through Target, she couldn't believe that she got to go, just with Mommy, no cart, and that we got to buy a TOY.


Tomorrow is David's big day. I'm all ready to make a cake this afternoon, and to party hardy tomorrow!


Pam said...

Katy is such a ham. I love to see her & Jack conversing - it can only get better and funnier this year!

Happy Birthday to David!!! I sent a gift via Craig & Brian (so it may not get there ;-)
Don't I've gone nuts - I got him a 24 months because the 12 months size wouldn't have fit him I don't think. There's a gift receipt anyhow.
Have a fun day - we'll be thinking of you.

Oma Froehle said...

NOT GUILTY! I did not discuss rabbits, bunnies, or any type of visitors related to Easter with Katy.

Apparently Target is special for Katy. (She has low expectations; I must talk to this child.) Special for me would be a book store or someplace with music or instruments. Brainwash them early.