Saturday, March 07, 2009

More exclamation points!!

So late last night, we found out that there was indeed another offer on the house that was higher than ours. We felt deflated, confused, and not sure what to do. We also found out that the sketchy key situation had also been remedied. So early this morning, we went back to the house with some questions and a critical eye. This 2nd visit confirmed for us that we really really like the house, all of our questions were answered positively, and we felt confident and comfortable raising our offer. So we put in another offer half an hour before the agent went to meet with the seller. He warned us that she might be feeling pretty cocky at this point with 2 offers and several more showings within a few days on the market. We were super nervous that she was going to let all offers expire and see what else she could get. I was literally nauseous all morning, especially after we saw the house again and I felt like I really really loved it.

But at 12:15 today, our agent called and said that we are in contract!! He said that she was toying with the idea of letting the offers expire, but he convinced her otherwise. The only question mark is that there is an issue that may come up during inspection, and originally the seller was willing to work with us on that. But now we aren't sure with the other offer on the table if she will. But I'm really optimistic that we'll be able to work something out.

So as long as everything moves forward, we'll be moving in May!! I'm going to need a few days to wrap my mind around this. I was really thinking July or August. I'm planning a big ol' garage sale in my head.


Pam said...

Fabulous news, congratulations!!!! I remember the excitement of it all and how nervous you are until you get the keys.
I shall start saving big sturdy boxes for you!

Kelsey said...

This is very exciting! When will we be able to see pictures?!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! The house is soo cute! Dave and I are so excited for your family. We'll be there for anything you need during the packing/moving/garage sale process.
You know I love garage sales.

Allecia said...

This is so similar to what happened to us when we bought the house we're in now. God is so good! Congrats!

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow! Congrats! I hope everything works out well.