Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Party

So I might just be a Small Party Convert. For Katy's first birthday, we had a huge bash. We rented a shelter at a park, and I think there were 30 some people there. And I will say that it was really fun, and I was in the mood to PARTY. I felt like doing a serious Happy Dance to have gotten through my first year of parenthood, so it was appropriate. But it was also a lot of work and I was pretty stressed about the whole thing. So for David's birthday, we just had grandparents over to our house. It. Was. Awesome. So relaxing, enjoyable, and I was not stressed at all. Not one little bit.

Who is that little man posing as my baby boy?

He's going to be one well-dressed boy this summer...

The perfect set of books (the kids are mesmerized the the illustrations in these books)

Oh, how he loves these veggie puffs...

Mommy's boy

A Buckeye or a Wildcat? Only time will tell...

Grandpa and Grandma Sue brought Scout, who was a special guest for the kids

Shirtless for sloppy joes...

He was interested in grabbing the cake while we sang, but he didn't really eat much of it or smear it all over. He seemed to be bothered by the stickiness on his hands.

Katy got this bubble machine "for David" as a gift

Shew...the birthday boy is in bed...what a fun party!


bluedaisy said...

Happy Birthday David! He looks so handsome :) Also, I LOVE the cake. LOVE IT!! Sounds like you had a perfect celebration. Your children are absolutely adorable!

Pam said...

I'm glad you all had a lovely (and stress-free) weekend. David does look like a little boy now but as I keep telling Jack - they'll always be our baby!
Hopefully see you this week.