Monday, March 30, 2009

12 month stats and video

It's well-visit day! New stats to report!

Weight: 23 pounds even - 25 %'ile

Height: 29.25 inches - 50 %'ile

Not really any news to report from the visit. Dr. B said that he would go ahead and diagnose David with infantile asthma, based on his continued pattern of wheezing when he has a cold. But so far, since it hasn't been severe and there are periods of wellness in between colds, he's optimistic that he won't need daily preventative medication and that it will hopefully resolve on its own by the time he's two or three. So we'll pray for that.

Since David skipped the bottle and is now drinking a few ounces of whole milk from a sippy cup, the doc said it would be ok to start to wean him if I want to. He's nursing 4 times a day now. I don't mind it that much except that it would be nice to be able to leave him with a babysitter here and there without having to worry about all that. So I don't know...maybe I'll try to cut it down to 3 times a steps.

For David's 12 month video, here's one of him playing with Scout (and his grandparents) at the party. It shows a pretty good picture of what he's like at this point. He cruises, transfers between coffee table and the couch, and stands still without support. (Don't be fooled by our asking him to "walk to Mommy." We were just being optimistic that maybe he'd take his first steps on his birthday - just because that would be fun.)

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Pam said...

Good news hopefully about the asthma. My fingers are doubly-crossed for it to resolve itself.
He's a wonderful little chap - I loved the video.