Sunday, March 15, 2009

As Is

So we had our inspection this weekend, and overall it went really well. The inspector could not believe the (good) condition of the house for its age, and there were mostly minor corrections to be made. Brian, of course, prefers to make minor corrections himself. There was potential for us to request some money to be put in escrow for a new roof in the coming years, but the interest/offers on this house have been rolling in, and the seller may be feeling so confident at this point that they would be willing to say "no thanks" to our request and gladly move on to the next offer. SO...we've decided to move forward with the contract, with the property As Is. Which IS actually really good, it basically just means that we aren't going to ask for money toward a roof that may or may not need to be replaced in the near future. So!! It's looking like May 1st is more and more likely a closing date for us. Wow.

So my mom says it's been too long of a stretch without kiddo pics, so here you go:

Oh, how I love how much they love to swing!

Katy and Jack protecting David. If one is holding the stroller, the other one needs to, too.

Notice David's dirty knees...Katy told Jack "Stay on the sidewalk, Jack." They were also having a riveting conversation about the characters on their shirts.

Cuteness with static.

We turned David's car seat around today (I know, it's a couple of weeks early, but we had the seats out for something else, so...)

David was absolutely cracking up the whole time we were driving, and Katy kept saying, "I'm holding David's hand!" If only we could bottle this sweetness...


Your Coupon Coach said...

I mean really....HOW CUTE are those 2 kids of yours!! I just love the pics of them holding hands in the car.

Oma Froehle said...

Ahhhh. I feel better.

Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats on the house! I'll be in Columbus May 7th & 8th, but you'll probably be in the middle of moving about then. ;)

Love the kiddo pictuers. They are adorable. And that last one...ahh.

Pam said...

Great to see you & thanks for the coupons!
What an exciting time for you all - enjoy every minute! I remember buying this house and still feel the excitement of it all - getting the keys, rushing to the house and walking the empty rooms with all kinds of plans in mind.

Kelsey said...

The house stuff is so exciting - I'm glad that you have a built in handyman! That will definitely make things easier.

Your kiddos are so cute - we'll have to try to see each other this summer.

bluedaisy said...

The's just precious! They are beautiful and oh yeah, congrats on the house :)