Sunday, March 01, 2009

Potty Weekend Retreat

I feel like we've been camped out in our house this weekend - a very unusual experience for us, we are not homebodies. But we stuck around and gave potty training an old college try. (what does that mean, anyway?)

So overall I think it's been successful, and hopefully it will get better this week. Katy is peeing in the potty most of the time, and we had fewer accidents on the 2nd day than the first. I think she gets it, it's just a matter of learning to stop what she's doing and get the to potty in time. We had a poop success, and a poop non-success, if you know what I mean.

So here's my next round of questions. (Sorry I'm always bugging you guys with questions. You do such a good job of answering them, though.) Is it normal for her to be peeing every 15 minutes or so? Or is that a sign that she's not ready yet? I've been giving her lots of juice, so I know that could explain it. But sometimes we're literally just getting cleaned up from the last potty, and she says she has to go again. I'm wondering if she's just doing it for the stickers...

Right now I'm using the plastic potty, mostly because we don't have a bathroom on the main floor. But we still have to drag the silly thing upstairs to empty it out and wash hands, so it's not really saving any steps, just making it closer for her to "make it." How long do you think until I can ask her to try to go upstairs to go? How long before they can hold it at all?

And then what is the strategy for getting out of the house? I don't have any plans until Friday, but I'm having a hard time imagining going anywhere at this point. And when we have to use a public restroom, what on earth am I supposed to do with David? Sit him on the bathroom floor, where he will crawl under to the next stall or put his mouth on the toilet paper dispenser? I almost think it would be better to leave him in the cart (just kidding, I know that's not an option). Seriously, strategies?

I know that timing is never perfect, but I keep thinking maybe this would've been easier before David was mobile (there is nowhere I can put the potty where Katy can get to it but David can't). And if we weren't moving, I'd be begging Brian to install a first floor halfbath... at least I'm getting some exercise.


bluedaisy said...

I am not going to be much help but one thing I thought of was the public bathroom dilemma- do you know of anywhere with the "family" style bathroom? David could fit in the bathroom in a stroller...if not, maybe the handicap stall would do? I am going to have the SAME problem with potty access- no main floor toilet- and I have Liam who already likes to play with the potty chair. If it's not in use, no biggie but once we start using it regularly--UGH! At least you are trying- that is something. I think this is one where parent patience is huge (and I'm not sure I have what it takes these days). Good luck, keep going, it sounds like you are moving in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

This is neighbor Steph -
For going out, luckily the few places we've been with underpants have family bathrooms: COSI and the downtown library. Maybe make COSI your first underpants outing. David is more active than Maddie, but in the COSI fam bathroom, the toilet and changing table are super close together.

We can talk more tomorrow, although, it's the blind leading the blind. :)

Mandy said...

Although I am not a big fan of Pull-ups (they are so pricey!) these are a good option for longer outings. They also make thicker underwear for potty-trainers...these worked well with my oldest. This way if an accident does happen (and it will) they soak up a lot more.

And yes, every 15 minutes might be a bit much :) I'd say every hour if she drinking a lot. But I wouldn't discourage her from trying.

Keep it up!!

Pam said...

Jack wanted to go every 30 minutes too at the beginning. I remember a zoo visit where we went at least 6 times. They grow out of that.
I agree with previous comments about using the handicapped stall or family room if there is one and keeping David in his stroller. Why on earth don't all shops have those strap-in wall seats like IKEA has???
Accidents will still happen. We had one on the way to Dayton. He said "I need to go pee", then immediately said "I peed". Does that answer your question about how long they can hold it in? LOL!
To that end, I ALWAYS carry spare underpants and trousers with me, which is more crap to carry but better than having to come home. Pull-ups for long trips might also be good. He's wearing them at night but I'm hoping to get rid soon as they are very expensive.
Good luck! Sounds like she's doing great.

Kelly said...

Emily - I have no real suggestions, just horror stories to let you know you're not alone. Katy will eventually learn how to truly empty out so she can go longer between times on the potty. As for public bathrooms, they can be a disaster. One time, Kimmy didn't sit far enough back on the seat and consequently peed all down the front of the toilet and her clothes. Since four of us were crammed in the stall, Leah then slipped on the wet floor and banged her head on the toilet while I was trying to clean Kimmy up. I'm sure Carrie was licking the trash can or something!!! I guess keeping David in a stroller is your best option.

The joys of parenting. Remember, these are the best days of your life!!!!

Kelsey said...

Harper was like that at the beginning, too. We never went anywhere that didn't have a bathroom. Of course I didn't have Michael at the time. Now, when I have both of them, I usually have the stroller with me for places we might stop to use the bathroom. I second/third the folks who suggested taking the stroller into the handicapped bathroom.

Good luck!