Monday, November 01, 2010

Wishy-Washy November

I'm looking forward to November. We don't have a lot planned, I'm hoping we'll be healthier, and the weather in October has been so great that I'm hoping to stretch it out a bit. But I've been debating about NaBloPoMo (daily posts in November for National Blog Posting Month). In the past I've done it, and I've even said, "I'll do it if I can," but then I'm frantically typing at 11pm and Brian's saying, "I thought it was only if you had time?"

But one thing that I really enjoy is looking back at archives, and I've noticed that during the daily November posts, I write more about the day to day stuff, rather than Big Events, and it's nice to read that, too. So if it's only for Future Me, I'm going to try again. They may be short, maybe a few questions for you, and possibly Wordless Weekends.

So for my first question: what do you do as far as Halloween candy distribution? How often and how much candy are your kids allowed to have, and do you just get rid of it at any point?  So far this year (4 days), I've let them pick one piece after lunch and one piece after dinner. But I don't think I want to do this until it runs out - that's a lot. And they look at it so much, I know I can't just "make it disappear" without them noticing. They know how much is there.

So what do you do?


bluedaisy said...

Give NaBloPoMo a try but don't stress too much- I like feeling committed to it b/c it encourages me to post but I don't think anyone should be overly stressed about it :)
Halloween Candy: I read somewhere that in terms of dental health, it's better for kids to just have one good candy binge rather than be eating candy every day for months. So I usually allow the boys several pieces on Halloween and then just a few days of regular candy- kind of like your rationing. Then I do just get rid of it- eat stuff I like, chuck stuff no one likes or that looks icky. I can justify wasting candy b/c there is no nutritional value to it. So far, the boys don't love this plan but they don't hound me for too long.

Pam said...

Yea!!!! I'm so glad you are going to do it.

Abigail said...

I was discussing this exact dilemma with a friend at church yesterday, and she said that their family dentist buys back Halloween candy for $1/lb and sends it overseas to the soldiers! I'm investigating it further, sounds like a perfect option to me!

Kelsey said...

I always end up throwing out some of ours and that's AFTER Harper trades most of it for another little gift because so much of it isn't nut safe. I keep it in an out of the way (top of the fridge) tin and eventually they do kind of forget about it.

We try to do one piece per day, but that doesn't mean they won't have another dessert type food, I just don't want them to have too much chocolate/pure sugar. :-)