Monday, November 08, 2010

Birthday Treat - not neccessarily for the birthday boy

It's my wonderful husband's birthday, and our celebration this year is pretty tame (loaded baked potatoes, Betty Crocker, and a movie after the kids are in bed). He did have an adventure with Katy this weekend, though: her first Ohio State sporting event. (Exhibition games are free.) He went with two friends and their daughters (or two of Katy's friends and their dads? either would be accurate description)

They had such a grand old time, I really wish that I could have been there to see it. The kids in our house are predestined to enjoy The Buckeyes in some form, so it's fun to see the excitement. And meeting Brutus is not something that everyone gets to do. Katy knows it is a big deal. I shoved the camera in Brian's hands on his way out the door and he obliged.

You know...Peas in a pod and all that

Halftime snack

Must be an entertaining halftime show


Serious observation

This cracks me up! Life size poster of Greg Oden (former player)

Wish I could hear what they are saying

Poor Katy has been really upset recently about being short. The girl in the middle is 6 months younger than her! Don't know what to tell her. Brian told her she's got cheerleader build, but I'm not that's what I want her to aspire toward (not that it wouldn't make a fine extra-curricular, but...)


Oma Froehle said...

Tell Katy that amazing things come in small packages . . . like M&M's and Oma's and Lady Bugs. We are a concentrated bunch of women. Her personality is HUGE compared to the average person. :-)

bluedaisy said...

So much fun!!