Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Survey Says?

Welcome to Chaos!! Thank you all SO MUCH for participating in the name-changing poll. I am actually completely shocked that the results leaned so strongly toward one name. But I'm also glad because that really helped me feel confident about a choice. Just for the record, here are the poll results, along with some thoughts:

Chaos: Party of Five: 12 votes, 54% - I liked this one too, but just wanted to make sure it didn't make everyone think of Neve Campbell

Not Your Mama's Blog (Unless your name is Katy, David or Luke): 4 votes (18%) - I thought this one teetered between funny and trying-to-be-funny-but-actually-lame.

Mommyville: 0 votes - Funny, I was totally sold on this until Brian said he didn't like it. I guess it's just vanilla, huh?

They Call Me Mom: 3 votes, 13% - I thought of this one because of a co-worker of Brian's. Let's say his name is Joe Brown, his email address is theycallmejoebrown@gmail.com. Isn't that funny?

The Trenches: 2 votes, 9% - I heard someone say something about being In the Trenches, and thought that was an accurate description of how I feel from day to day in parenthood. But I also didn't want to imply that raising children is even nearly as difficult as war. I mean... gosh.

Raising Littles: 4 votes, 18% - It's just what I do.

So hopefully the new name will start to feel like "home" soon. Thanks again!


bluedaisy said...

Perfect fit- I voted for it. I think it is a nice balance between being real & keeping it fun :)

Pam said...

That was my vote too! Looking forward to reading for years to come (although my bookmark still says Katydid!)