Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twiddling our thumbs in December?

You know what I've noticed? That many of our usual week to week activities take a break between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

-Swim lessons - done until Janaury

-Awana (weeknight church program) - next week is last week until January.

-MOPS/Bible study - ditto

-Library music class for David - you guessed it.

Now I know that December will be busy and we'll need to wrap gifts and put up the tree and go to the occassional Christmas party. But what, pray tell, am I supposed to do with my children during regular business hours for the entire month?

(Okay, I know that it's not everyone else's job to provide structured activity for my kids. That's my job. But I like my routine and feel like it's a bit abrupt to be done next week until JANUARY. Do you think?)


Pam said...

Rats, I was just about to check out the swimming options for this month and next. We just got back from Galaxy, which my kids LOVE but we easily did $20, so is a 1 x month treat. We did just turn our basement into a play -room just for a change of scenery, but you have that great play-room off to the side.
Mmmm, not too helpful am I.

bluedaisy said...

On an entirely unrelated note- I deleted and re-added your blog to my list again today and comes up under the new name :)