Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Spotlight on: Lukey Loo

photo by Jason M.
4 month stats: 15 lbs, 4 oz (60%'ile), 25.5 in (65%'ile)

Luke is 4 months old. He's had a stuffy nose and a cough for a month (checked out twice), but you wouldn't know it. He really doesn't complain too much. He spends more time than most in his car seat being carted around to his siblings' activities.  He's very smiley. Daddy gets him to laugh the loudest. He alternates sucking on his pacifier, his thumb, and his fingers (David style).

His sister is his biggest fan: whenever she sees him, she lights up and teases him with some kind of song, (to the tune of This Old Man), "Lukey Loo, Lukey Loo, La La La La Lukey Loo, with a Lukey, Lukey, Lukey-Lukey-Loo, La La La La Lukey Loo." Never a dull moment in his world.

After being really awful for a month or so, his sleep is gradually getting better. Most days he takes one long nap in the afternoon in his crib and then catches cat naps the rest of the day when he can get them. He's still getting up about twice in the night, but that may partially be due to some milk-supply issues from mom (a story for another day).

He rolls from back to front and then sleeps on his tummy. He tolerates tummy time much better since he started this. He likes to stand, and we've put him in the Exersaucer and the doorway jumper a few times. He babbles and jabbers and drools and spits up like crazy.

This past weekend I took him on two long walks in the jogging stroller, each of them over an hour, and he didn't make a peep. He even fell asleep for part of them. I love this sweet boy, interested in the world and just taking it all in. So glad I have my Luke.


Kelsey said...

Oh that song is so sweet. You have great kids Em.

LOVE the photo too. Is that one that you took?

Pam said...

What a sweet boy! Every time I see him he's so mellow. You're a lucky mom!

bluedaisy said...

Love the spotlight on the newest family member. Totally adorable!

Emily said...

Kelsey, thanks for reminding me to give photo credit. This was one of the ones we had taken by a friend of ours in early October. I really didn't mean to take credit for it! I fixed it now. :)

Oma Froehle said...

GREAT PHOTO and recap on Luke! I didn't think it was possible to get a baby that was more mellow than David, but I think you did it.

Katy is my great hope for a musician . . . so far. Already making up songs. Good girl!