Friday, November 05, 2010

Gettin' 50 free Holiday Cards - so can you!!

You may remember that I LOVE to receive Christmas cards, especially ones with pictures of all your pretty faces. In fact, one side of my refrigerator is reserved for their display and is typically cleared off every November to get ready for the arrival of new cards. I really love that part of the holidays.

I have to admit that part of my motivation for getting our recent portraits taken was to have something to make an online Christmas card. I have used Shutterfly in the past and this year they are offering a great deal. All bloggers who are willing to post about Shutterfly holiday cards can receive 50 for free! You know I love a good deal! Check out the details of this one here.

I really do love Shutterfly. They offer matte printing, which I prefer over glossy. They have a HUGE selection of very stylish and fun card designs - there are 748 options for Christmas card designs for 2010!! And they give you the option to start a project and save it for later. For those of you with little kids, you  know that you can never get anything done in one sitting.

I don't know which one to choose - so many are great. I noticed that several of them really feature the photo as the main attraction. I think that for this year, I will choose one of the collage options, like We Heart You Holiday Card. That way I can feature several of the pictures that I like. The truth is that I will comb through these options for hours before picking just the right one.

I also noticed that the desk calendars are 20% off until November 22nd. We have given these as gifts to grandparents in the past and they are HUGE hits. In fact every year when we ask Brian's mom what she wants for Christmas, she says, "One of those picture calendars."

So check out the Shutterfly deals if you are looking to create holiday photo cards - and then send me one! Please!

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Weed said...

I thought about doing this, too, and now that you've done it, I decided to do it too (hope you don't think I'm a copycat...I really had considered it, but your doing it just gave me the little push I needed!). So expect a similar blog post next week sometime! :) I'm sure you'll have an adorable card with all of those great shots!