Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm feeling recuperated after this weekend, which is great. Just taking a few moments to appreciate the characters that are my children.

I've been waiting for David to find his thumb like Katy did, which made her a lot better at self-soothing. Well, he has found something to sooth himself, but it seems that instead of his thumb, he likes to tell us how he feels about us while he sucks on his appendages.

Katy colors with her markers all the time. We've told her a few times that you should "only color on the paper." I guess we should've specified that that includes not writing on your face.

My mom came through town this weekend to take my sister out for her birthday. She commented that David is a completely different kid that when she saw him a month ago. It really is true! He's changing so fast.

Katy has very strong opinions lately, and often refuses offers to help her. Today she removed her shirt and would NOT let me help her put it back on. Finally she got to this point and looked at me like, "see? I told you I could do it."

Life is pretty fun when you spend it with characters like these kiddos everyday.


Beth said...

David is just to cute! He really is changing so much. And man that Katy...she is something!

Giselle said...

I can't believe how different David looks. Both of your kids are so cute. They make me want to just squeeze those cheeks!

Mimi said...

Hey, Jen used to suck those same two fingers. Hopefully he'll quit before he hits kindergarten! Getting her ears pierced was her bribe to quit, but you may want to offer another incentive.

Pam said...

It shows you what a gutter-mind I have - I thought he was being rude till I clicked on the link.
Yes, you have two characters and two gorgeous kiddos. You're one lucky mommy.
Thanks again for the baby toys & blanket!