Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Thursday

Thursdays are always busy for us, but today was one of those days where all of the once-a-months and once-in-a-whiles lined up so the schedule looked like this:

8:40am - leave the house.

9:00 - drop David off at school.

9:15 - arrive at church and check Katy and Luke into their classrooms, fingers crossed.

9:30 - my mom's group begins.

10:15 - childcare workers come and get me because Luke isn't happy today. I chase him around in the background of my meeting.

11:15 - meeting over, get Katy from her class.

11:30 - set up Luke and Katy with packed lunches while I help clean up the meeting.

12:15 - arrive at David's school and let Luke and Katy play on playground for a few minutes.

12:30 - pick David up (his school allows him to stay for lunch if needed. for a fee, of course).

12:40 - meet my sister Melanie in my driveway. She takes the boys in to nap and I leave to walk Katy to school.

12:50 - arrive at Katy's school and check in to volunteer in her classroom.

1:00-3:30 - help in Katy's class.

3:40 - arrive home. Mel leaves. I feed the kids a "snacky dinner" and they play outside.

5:30 - arrive at David's preschool for open house.

6:00 - Brian meets us at David's preschool.

6:45 - back home. Sit for a minute.

7:30 - Beth picks me up to go to Costco. (for 2 years I've shared a membership with 2 friends - we take turns going and sending lists, etc)

8:45 - arrive home. Deep breath.

These days are the exception, of course. I don't mind them once in awhile, but hopefully they won't become the norm.


bluedaisy said...

That is one crazy day! Hope you got to relax tonight :)

Mom said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! The only thing you missed was Iwana and a dentist appointment. LOL! Something to strive for. :-)

Mommy Daisy said...

Even though I want more than my one child, I am thankful for just one child. My schedule seems hectic enough and it's nothing like this...even on a busy day. Also, this makes me glad that Zachariah goes to all day kindergarten. But I must also say, it's great that you have family near to help with the kids once in a while too.