Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leftover #3

The portraits went as well as they could have. It was crazy busy at 10am on a Sunday morning. It was tough to get all 3 kids to be making attractive expressions on their faces at once, but we got some good shots. I spent WAY too much money. I can't believe I parted with that cash. But to get what I felt like we needed (to give to family), we could spend $20 more and get enough prints to wallpaper the bathroom. So would you like one? Because we've got PLENTY (including Christmas cards, so many of you will be seeing those).

It seems like ages ago that we were spending 2 evenings a week at the soccer field.  It was a very busy, but rather short, season. The best part of soccer as a parent was watching how much Katy loved it. She's already asking about spring (we'll see). Even if she didn't score the most goals, she had a noticably strong spirit and passion for the game. Parents on opposing teams commented several times on "that spunky little Katy on the other team," etc. After the last game, she received a trophy for participation and a team photo. She has told me several times that if she ever has show and tell for school, she'll bring her soccer trophy.

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Oma said...

Small, but mighty! Never under-estimate the impact of determination in a small body.

This kid will rule the world some day. :-)