Friday, November 11, 2011

Pleasant Surprise...and Questions?

Happy Veterans Day to my Dad and both of my Grandpas (one late). I'm so proud of the service that you given to our country!

Every November, Brian and I are surprised to discover that he has the day off for Veterans Day. I don't know why this day flies under my radar, but he's worked at the same place for 12 years and yet...every November we're shocked.

So we've had a really nice day today. We went to the indoor pool with some friends. We hadn't been swimming since August (Luke wasn't even walking then - what?!?), so the kids had some catching up to do in the water. It was great fun.

Then we came home and made a hot lunch and Brian walked Katy to school and went for a run. I put the boys down for nap and took a leisurely shower. I'm in the mood to clean and organize, so this weekend I'm hoping to: scrub, mop, empty closets, pull out gloves and hats, organize the garage so we can pull the van in, and maybe do some baking. November feels cozy, doesn't it? Especially when it goes from 70 degrees to 30 in 48 hours.

In past NaBloPoMos, I've asked if anyone has any questions for me to answer - to give me some new topics. Anyone got anything this year?


Pam said...

Sounds like a great day! Mmm, don't have a question right now but I'll come back with one. Have a great weekend.

Giselle said...

It's like when you find a $20 in your winter coat pocket when you get it out of storage. Jeff has some vacation days he has to use by the end of December, so he just randomly took off last Thursday. We thought he'd get so much done...but he really enjoyed meeting the kids' teachers (he hasn't been to the preschool in 2 years), cuddling with Mikey after his nap, eating lunch with Lily, and meeting the bus for Andrew. Even though we do stuff together on weekends, the week days just have a different flavor.

Okay, questions. How about 5 really good books you've read. Maybe some that aren't as well known? What about habits you ahve that you think will embarrass your teenagers someday? (I think about this more now that Andrew's getting older and inviting friends over. Is my singing made up songs embarrassing? Smooching Jeff in the kitchen? etc etc...I'm totally going to mortify my kids). And I'm dying to know if you've decided to have a 4th child...but that's kind of personal, isn't it? Reading blogs really encourages the Nosy person inside me.