Wednesday, November 16, 2011


-Last week when I picked David up from preschool they told me that he had failed his vision screening. For some reason, unusual as it is, I didn't panic. I just know my son and if there were several other kids in the room while they were doing the test, he would say "I can't see it" just to be done. But I had to get glasses for lazy eye and farsightedness when I was in kindergarten, so it's also not a far jump to wonder if there could be a problem. So I took him to a pediatric eye doctor today and my intuition was correct. His vision is better than average for his age, including depth perception and color differentiation. So mark another one off the worry list.

- Right after I wrote yesterday's kindergarten post, completely unprompted, Katy said to me, "Mommy, remember when I used to complain about G all the time?" (G is the girl at her table who was "causing trouble" and Katy didn't like it). "Well now I like her, she's one of my friends." It was nice to have a little conversation about giving people a chance even if they do something to annoy you when you first meet them. You still might become good friends.

- Luke is SO WILD!! He can (and does) climb onto any and every surface in the house. He climbs onto the kitchen table chairs all day long and stands on the backs of them in very precarious positions. If he sees something on the counter that he can't reach, he pushes a chair up to it and helps himself. He can climb on the couches and even over the arms onto the floor. We had to put the high chair away because he was climbing into it (over the TRAY), and move him to a booster seat at the table. His new favorite game? Dumping his full plate of food on the ground almost immediately and then screaming because the table in front of him is empty. My one note of progress this week: he will actually follow the command "sit down" when I find him standing on various surfaces.

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