Friday, November 18, 2011

Leftover #2

Back in October, Katy's class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch, which was a big deal in one sense because it was her first bus ride.

She thought she was big time.

It was also a big deal because I wasn't able to find a sitter for the boys, so I couldn't go on the trip. Lots of other parents went along, and a friend of mine was assigned to be with Katy the whole time, so I knew she was in good hands. But it was a bummer to miss it.

But I feel like I was there. First of all because it's the same farm where she went two years in a row for preschool field trips, so I feel like I could give the speech about the difference between a pumpkin and a gourd, and taste the apple cider. Also, my friend forgot her camera, so she borrowed mine on the trip and brought back lots of pictures of Katy and her daughter. So I got to see shots like this...

So she had a blast. On her own. *sniff*


Grammy said...

Oh how I wish we lived closer so we could help in times like this!
Great pictures! Love, Grammy

Weed said...

So glad you got pictures! Jealous...since Rachel was sick that day and had to miss it. :(