Monday, November 14, 2011

Big Day

My Granny saw the surgeon today and her arm is healed well enough - no more surgery! This is a huge relief. Now we can start thinking about Thanksgiving.

And then Brian had an appointment that went well - we'll have more information in a couple of weeks, but we are both feeling better about things in that regard.

And Katy and I had our first Daisy Girl Scout meeting tonight! I have to admit that I was a little nervous. And even more so when one of the moms stayed and stared at us the whole time. Luckily I got a positive email from her this evening, so I'm breathing a little easier now.

Overall it went well. The girls were kind and pleasant and seemed to like the activities we did. About halfway through the meeting, one of the girls said, "Are we going to do anything FUN in Girl Scouts?" Ouch. This is the same girl who was at my house for a playdate on one of those 70-degree November days, and she wanted to play with the dollhouse in the basement. I said, "No, it's so nice outside, let's play outside today," and she replied, "When I have friends over to my house, my mom says we have to let THEM choose what we play." Ouch again. We brought the dollhouse outside.

But as for Girl Scouts, I think my biggest challenge is going to be worrying that the parents are satisfied. They aleady have different opinions and I'm all up in arms about wanting them to be happy with how it goes. How can I get OVER that?

But we're off and running. I'll let you know when I have cookies for sale. :)


Weed said...

I thought it went well, too. And I also felt weird having that mom there watching us....

I don't think we can please them all. All we can do is our best.

Giselle said...

I've had several friends end up as Daisy leaders, and they all were so mortified by the words and actions of the mothers. So judgemental and critical of the activities, but not willing to help with anything.

Makes me not want to sign Lily up at all next year.

Cub scouts has been awesome though.

Kelsey said...

That little girl sounds so rude!!!

I would TRY not to stress too much about the Daisy activities, especially since you are the one who stepped up to do it.

I'm not super thrilled w/ one of the kids' religious ed teachers, but I am not opening my mouth because I'm just grateful I'M not teaching it!!!

Glad for good news x2 on the medical front.

Mom said...

In hindsight, I think the time I spent teaching first and second graders in Sunday school was EXCELLENT training for managing people in a work setting later in my life. People are people---regardless of their size.

MOTTO: Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

PS: Looking forward to the cookies.