Monday, November 21, 2011


Only Giselle had any questions this time around, but she asked three, so let's address those.

How about 5 really good books you've read. Maybe some that aren't as well known?

I'm afraid I'm really going to disappoint here, because I am (sheepishly) not much of a reader. I read with my kids every day, but for me? I have tried, (I swear!) but I read too slowly and fall asleep and never finish anything before it's due back at the library. I know that this makes many of you fellow bloggers shudder (I'm looking at YOU, Kelsey, Pam, Kate B. & Giselle), but the only books I've read since becoming a parent have been...parenting books. I guess I could list those? Oh, and I read blogs, and occasionally magazines.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth - saved my sanity with a newborn.

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys  by James and Thomas - helped me when I was struggling with boy behavior - how much is just being a boy and what do I need to keep in mind. (although I have to admit that I only read half of it before it was due back at the library)

The Toddler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner - great for easy and cheap entertainment for the 1-3 year old, especially in the winter when you're stuck inside.

This is pitiful, I can't even think of 5. There are others that pop in my head, but I wouldn't classify them as "great," so I wouldn't list them here. Oh, nevermind...

As a side note, I don't know if this is a pipe dream if I can't model it myself, but I'd love for any of my kids to be avid readers. It's such a healthy habit, but one that I haven't been able to develop in my own life.

What about habits you have that you think will embarrass your teenagers someday? (I think about this more now that Andrew's getting older and inviting friends over. Is my singing made up songs embarrassing? Smooching Jeff in the kitchen? etc etc...I'm totally going to mortify my kids).

The biggest one that comes to mind is that I'm constantly hugging and kissing my kids - it's kind of my love language - so I have a hard time imagining stopping that as they get older. So I'm sure I will embarrass them with that. I've thought of this recently as there has been this huge wave of 9-12 year old boys in our neighborhood lately. They are coming out of the woodwork and frequently playing hockey in the court in my front yard. My kids will run up and give me kisses and hugs and I wonder if they think it's lame. Whatever!!! (Don't you like my mature response?)

And I'm dying to know if you've decided to have a 4th child...but that's kind of personal, isn't it? Reading blogs really encourages the Nosy person inside me.

Well. I'm typically an open book and many of you have heard an earful from me in person on the topic. But I will share what I am comfortable saying here in this space.

And that is...that we have not decided. I am having a hard time deciding to be done - there is this place in my heart that really wants 4 kids. But I love my 3 and we are chugging along right now. Sleeping through the night (mostly) and we have a good schedule, etc. But every single day I think about a 4th. (And just as an aside, I have never once in my entire life entertained the thought of five. The dreaming stops at 4 in my mind, for some reason). Pregnancy and delivery and post-partum were no picnic, especially this last time around. But if we're going to go for it, we don't want to wait too long.

And Brian is in pretty much the same place on all of the above points. If one of us felt strongly in one direction or the other, we could probably persuade the other. But we're both just not sure. So there you have it.


Mom said...

Questions? How about these?

1) What is the one thing you miss the most that you enjoyed before you had kids? (Mine was being in the bathroom by myself--at least sometimes.)

2) Of all the household chores you do, is there one (or more) that you kind of like in spite of the work? (I like laundry; the clean clothes smell good.)

3) What book would you read if you had time? :-) (I liked "The Help" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.")

bluedaisy said...

Good questions and good answers. I'm not exactly a bookworm either. I usually read in spurts, if something has peeked my interest. On the 4th child- I feel the same way! I do think that if we were in a better financial place, I'd already have/or be trying to have a fourth (Godwilling). We've never based that decision on money but this time around, I'm feeling a little more cautious.