Friday, January 29, 2010

The January bandwagon

A beacon of (somewhat recognizable) light in this dark month...

Lest I be the only blogger who hadn't complained about January: I am sick of this!

*David woke up from nap today with a new fever - he's been fussy and uncomfortable and pitiful. So far that's the only symptom, but that cancels at least 2/3's of our plans for the weekend. And this will be the third weekend in a row we haven't been able to go to church because one or both of the kids has fevers.

*The kids are dying to go outside, but temps in the teens aren't conducive to that. And when we're constantly sick, the indoor playgrounds aren't an option either (maybe that's what keeps getting us sick in the first place?)

*We thought our home remedies had gotten rid of our skunk-under-the-porch problem, as we hadn't smelled it since October. But this week the scent has popped up here and there. Then last night, all the sudden, our house reeked so badly of skunk that our eyes were watering and it was almost unbearable. There was nothing we could do - open the windows and let the stench in even more? In 5 degree weather? Brian looked it up and apparently skunks come out from their winter slumber and empty their scent glands (is this true, Erin?). Lovely. The smell is almost gone today, but we're going to have to decide how and when we're addressing this problem...the expensive way.

*Actually, this is a good thing: Brian finally convinced me to spend the extra money each month and get a DVR. Ironically, I've been recording like crazy and he has barely touched it. But it's so convenient for the kids' shows, and with all the sickness lately that has come in quite handy. And it's nice that when I get a rare moment to sit and just relax, I can have shows that I'm interested in watching at my fingertips. And I'm able to enjoy Letterman for the first time since college. This is definitely worth it.

So I thought I had a good plan for getting through the winter with lots of scheduled activities, but when you can't go to them because you're sick, it doesn't help much. And I suppose that as soon as we get well and go back to the activities, we'll catch something else. It's the plight of families with preschool-aged children. *sigh* We'll get through it. Here's dreaming of spring.


bluedaisy said...

Other than last week, we have been fairly healthy (I just invited the plague to our house with that statement). But the cold temps are killing us for activities/outdoor time...we did make it to the library last week and I got a book of homeschool ideas-- it has alot of neat stuff and if I can manage to do any of the activities, I'll let you know if any of them turn out well. Riding bikes in the basement has also been helpful.
The DVR-- YES, I LOVE it. I used it to record the end of Conan last week and always use it for kids shows or anything that I want to see... because even shows that are on at a normal hour get interrupted by whining or meals or bottles or whatever. Hope everyone is feeling better so that you can get out of the house this coming week :)

Erin said...

Oh dear. The skunk! Awful!

Yes, they are not true hibernators, but sleep a lot during the winter and awake periodically to... um... take care of business.

I'd hire a trapper.

Mommy Daisy said...

We just got DVR this month too. I feel like we just joined the 21st century. Ha! I love it though. We'll definitely be keeping it. :D One of my fav features...pausing live TV, you know, for an anxious boy who has to go potty but stands there jumping up and down because he doesn't want to miss a minute of his favorite show. He thinks "pause" is awesome!

Oma Froehle said...

You might check with Opa on the skunk problem. We have successfully removed skunks from our yard with a "Have a Heart" trap and a large sheet. Price tag, about $40 for the trap, which is reusable for rabbits if you are bothered by them. In relation to fixing the porch, your grandfather might be consulted there for less than the going rate.

Let's talk come more . . . . :-)