Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wrapping Up Christmas

We had a bonus round of Christmas-after-New-Year's at my Dad's house this weekend. It's really nice to have everything spread out a bit to enjoy it longer. I mentioned to Katy today that we'll be taking down the Christmas tree, and she panicked, screaming, "No! We can't take down my tree! It's so pretty and I like it!" So that'll be fun.

Aunt Mel and almost-Uncle Aaron

Pics of the grandkids make the easiest gifts.


At dinner she was acting cranky, so I asked her to go take a break in "her" room. Then I found her like this. She was out for the night, after a short scream-fest waking up in an unfamiliar place.

Definitely the biggest hit of the weekend: starter kit for Thomas train set. The boy is in love. He's been pretty much in this position since we opened it on Saturday.

When he isn't playing with the cars themselves, he's looking at the "yearbook" (aka advetizement) that came with the set. I cracked up walking in and seeing him perched on the couch by himself, studying all the available trains, tracks, and accessories. Perfect marketing.
So this week it's back to the grind in the freezing cold and snow: preschool, Awana, swim lessons, and playgroup. I'm glad we have all these activities because otherwise it would be a looooong winter.

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Pam said...

Great pictures! I had similar cries from Jack over the Christmas tree but now he's moved on. He's too excited about all the birthday parties in January he's been invited to.
Great to see you last week. X