Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boy v. Girl

(BTW, this is not where I announce what the gender IS - that's tomorrow. This is just a reflection.)

It's funny, but I've noticed that when you have a girl and a boy, and are expecting a third, people often say, "So I guess you don't care whether it's a girl or a boy?"

And I'm sure there's a different vibe, say, if you have two boys, and perhaps you're really hoping for a girl, or vice versa. But if you know me, you know that I have been over-analyzing the impact of gender #3 for months (or, *ahem*, years). So I thought I'd share a list of my thoughts regarding the gender of this baby.

If the baby is a BOY...

*He and David will be close in age, and thus hopefully close in relationship, playing well together, and perhaps sharing a bedroom in the future (more on this later). There's something cute about 2 boys.

*But our neighbors have 2 boys close in age and then a girl, and the girl is always playing by herself, and I feel badly for her.

*David has been such a joy. He's a happy kid, fairly laid back in personality, a decent sleeper, and a good eater. If he is any indication of what raising a boy is like, I'll gladly have another, thank you. (Yes, I do realize that I cannot assume all boys will be like David.)

*When the kids are older and you do the whole "dad takes boys" and "mom takes girls" thing - a boy would put more in Brian's court. (For example, Father-Son camping trip practically empties the house)

*I'll be surprised AGAIN, because I'm pretty much convinced that it's a girl, just like I was last time. (But actually, after being surprised last time, I'm more hesitant to be convinced.)

If the baby is a GIRL...

*I still feel slightly more confident in the girl arena...just based on sisters, nieces, and general life experience.

*I love having a sister, there is something so special about sisters. I'd love that experience for Katy.

*Might not be as ideal for room sharing, since Katy and baby girl would be farther apart in age. But definitely still a possibility.

*I have this perception that girls fight with each other like cats and dogs, especially when they get to middle school and beyond.

*From a functional perspective (with 3 nieces and an oldest girl), we just have more hand me downs for girls.

*This may be hard to explain, but I'm wondering if a girl would bring a more cohesive feeling to the kids, since the boy is in the middle, rather than 2 boys close together and one girl. Does that make sense or is it crazy?

But of course, either way, whatever we find out, we'll be excited. Girls and boys are both delightful for different reasons. Brian says he sincerely "doesn't care." That's just not my style. I always have a few thoughts to share.


bluedaisy said...
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bluedaisy said...

I am so excited to find out this news! When I was pregnant with #2(Liam), I sort of hoped for a boy b/c of how close he and Michael would be in age. With #1 and #3, I really didn't have a preference either way. Boy or girl, that little one will find a way to fit just perfectly into your family :) Let's see, do I have a guess? I will guess BOY but have no basis for this at all!

Pam said...

Katy would be a great sister and imagine how spoiled David would be by thr pair of them. On the other hand, two boys conjures up all kind of fun, especially if they share a room. Whatever the outcome, have fun today.
AND, one year ago today you babysat Jack for the whole day while I had Danny. So thanks again for that. You & Brian are the best. X

Giselle said...

I definitely wanted a boy the third time around...mostly because Lily was going to be so young, I wanted her to have something to make her stand out and not get lost in the middle.

HA HA! If you ever get to meet Lily, you'd know that even if she was in the middle of 5 girls, she would stand out. She is NOT my wall flower.

Now that I had a boy, I am very happy with the whole shake down. Michael and Andrew are 4 1/2 years apart, but will be bonded because they are the boys. Lily and Michael will be bonded because they are so close in age. But...I am sad that Lily will have no sister, and the room sharing thing becomes difficult, and of course I love the girl stuff so much that I'm sad I only get to do it once. And I feel almost GUILTY that Lily will have to share a bathroom with 2 stand-up pee-ers. Yuck!

All good arguments to go ahead and have a 4th..but, yea, that's not happening.

Can't wait to find out!

Oma Froehle said...

Whatever the sex, I am almost as interested in the temperament of #3. Katy is so . . . INTENSE. And David is so calm by comparison. It will be a trip to see where this one fits in that scheme.

I'm envisioning a little comedien(ne) that gives them both a run for the money . . . and wants to play in a rock band when (s)he grows up.

tracy said...

I am so excited for the news!! (Though we're not finding out, it's so fun that you are!)

I hope the appointment goes well.