Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on Bubs

The Good News: It's not pneumonia or bronchitis. And we got a prescription that will hopefully help David on the road to recovery. And we're continuing with breathing treatments as we were.

The Bad News: David's reaction to his most recent respiratory virus is consistent with a diagnosis of asthma. I'm still not clear what officially puts the stamp on his chart that he has asthma, but the doctor assured me that it's "not severe enough at this point to require daily medication." Ummm...ok? That's good. Didn't know that was an option. But that's good.

So I'm still optimistic that this is mild and that he may still grow out of it, but gosh, it would sure be nice not to have to worry about full-blown asthma for the rest of his life. We'll see.


Pam said...

Ohh, I hope the little fella is okay. What a worry for you Emily. Fingers crossed that it's not going to be full-blown asthma. X

Giselle said...

My Michael has the same "diagnosis". His doctors are not willing to call it full blown asthma, because he doesn't need preventative medication every day, but the SECOND he gets a head cold, he starts wheezing like an emphasemic old man. And we drag out the nebulizer, and after the cold is over, we kind of forget that he has "something like pre-asthma".

Which was only frustrating in the case of flu shots...because kids with asthma got priority at our doctor's office. And since Michael hasn't been technically diagnosed, he didn't get on the list for early shots. And then when Andrew had the flu which turned into pneumonia, I just about LOST MY MIND, thinking that Michael's little lungs just couldn't handle pneumonia.

Wow...a little tirade there. Hoping that BOTH of our boys outgrow this little wheezy stage.

Kelsey said...

Okay, I'm not sure if this is helpful - but Harper had a series of colds w/ wheezing incidents when she was littler and then one random wheezing incident induced by running around on a cold day. For a long time she was on a very low does of daily inhaled meds and then on a lower doze and only recently off them altogether. The ENTIRE time she was on the daily meds we never needed her "rescue" inhaler (though we still carry it). So far she is okay off the meds (knock on wood) and has even had a cold or two since going of them w/out any extra trouble.

I guess what I'm saying is that even if David does have that now and needs some kind of daily meds for a while I think that mild-ish sort of asthma is really often outgrown - that's what we're hoping w/ Harper.

But trust me, I know how intimidating a "chronic" diagnosis can be! The nice thing is, if he does go on daily meds, the chances of him having bigger problems when he gets sick will subside a bit and you won't have to worry so every time he gets a cold! :-)