Sunday, January 10, 2010

One for the books

Tonight over dinner:

Me: Katy, would you like to hear some exciting news?

Katy: Yes!! What?

M: Guess what Mommy has in her belly?

K: A baby?

M: Yes!

K: (in happy tone) Why did you get a baby in your belly?

M: Ummm...because I thought maybe you'd like to have a baby brother or a sister.

K: (pointing at David) But I already have a baby brother!

M: But wouldn't you like another one?


(long silent pause...Brian makes a comment about that being anti-climatic)

K: What time will the baby be born?

M: A long time from now...after your birthday.

K: What time did you get the baby in your belly?

M: (Brian and I exchange glances and smirks) was awhile ago, before Christmas.

(another long pause. Brian asks if she'd like a brother or a sister. First she says brother, and then gets wide eyed)

K: MOMMY!! Can you get a baby SISTER?

M: Well, maybe. Mommy and Daddy don't get to decide whether it's a brother or a sister. God decides and we are happy either way. We're going to find out which one in a couple weeks. (January 28th, if you'd like to count down with me)

K: Mommy, do you want to hear some great news?

M: Sure, what's that?

K: Diet Coke makes me sick.

M: Huh?

K: (giggles and goes about her business)


Pam said...

I'd say that's a successful announcement then! LOL

Weed said...


My next appt is the same day as your ultrasound....maybe we'll run into each other there and you can tell me the big news!

Charity said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you recorded this! It'll be fun to share with her when she's an adult!

Oma Froehle said...

Do you get the impression this wasn't a surprise? Katy doesn't miss much . . . . :-)

Allecia said...

Hilarious! Sounds just like something Kaden would say...he's all into making up things he thinks are funny these days. Can't wait to hear the news!