Friday, February 05, 2010

Comparison/Friday afternoon review

This week David is the same age that Katy was when he was born (just over 22 months). Which surely must be wrong. Because she was such a Big Girl, wasn't she? And David is such a baby still, isn't he? Observe Katy the week that David was born:

But upon further investigation via video evidence, I guess she was, in fact, kind of a baby:

David's fever from last weekend ended up to be an ear infection - his first in his life. After about 24 hours of pink stuff he was feeling better, and we've had a blissfully normal week. Just the usual winter stuff, with antibiotics coursing through 3/4 of our veins and protecting us from at least some of the yuckies.

And today it has snowed: a beautiful, pleasantly-timed, Friday-Saturday snow that is already good for playing. Brian got home from work early (took less than an hour to commute - not too bad), and already has the kids out in it, sledding and shoveling and snowman-building. I was assuming we'd wait until tomorrow, but that's the difference between my husband and I. He's the "Why wait?" type of person. One of the cutie neighbor boys is in our driveway with a shovel, too, which I just love. There's something about the sweetness of elementary-aged boys that I wish you could bottle up.

Preschool is buzzing with busyness this month. Registration is going on, which means we're trying to decide what schedule to do for next year (there's even an option to send David one morning a week, but I'm only interested enough to look at the brochure). Also in the next two weeks, there's Haiti relief, bulb planting (yikes! see above), a Valentine's party, a field trip, a pajama party (at night!), and parent-teacher conferences. Preschool feels like a part time job, and I'm not even the one enrolled. But it's all good stuff and we're enjoying it.

We went to buy Valentine's and Katy couldn't decide, so she picked three and let David choose his favorite. He picked Disney princesses. Poor boys with older sisters.
I'm really anxious for the parent teacher conference, because I'm just DYING to know how Katy is doing. I have little snippets of conversation with the teachers at drop off and pick up, but it's so quick that it isn't much. And I email with one of the teacher probably twice a month when something comes up that I want to ask her about (Brian says she probably sees my emails and rolls her eyes, but she is very responsive and doesn't seem annoyed. I don't think they're excessive.)
The field trip coming up is to the fire station. Many of you remember Katy's history of extreme fears, and a few of them still pop up every now and then. One is firemen. Or firetrucks, fire stations, etc etc. When I mentioned the field trip destination, she had a total meltdown, said she wasn't going, and wouldn't let me put it on the calendar. She also cried to her teachers the next day and told them that she wasn't going. I'm trying to decide how to handle it, because this is one fear that could be dangerous if, heaven forbid, she ever needed the assistance of a fireman. It's not like Santa, I really don't want her hiding from firemen. So we'll see as the date approaches.
Even though he still seems young, David is seeming so big lately. I need to take some new video of him. He strings words (babbling) together and you can make our 2 or 3 sounds and get the jist of what he's saying. And he's demonstrating his will more and more. He's getting more whiny and demanding, too, so I can tell that he's approaching his second birthday. Still, though, he's a sweetheart. And absolutely hilarious to observe.
I have been filling out an "application" for a moms group at church and it asks a bunch of questions that are the get-to-know-you type, and I'm really struggling. I'm staring blankly at: What is your dream job? What would you study if you went back to school? What book are you currently reading? List 3 hobbies? (I put blogging and I can't think of any more) List 2 movies you would see again? What CD are you currently listening to the most? Ummm... I'm feeling like I need to get a life outside of motherhood because I can't think of answers to any of these questions. I'm just trying to figure out what chores must be done before I can see what's on the DVR.


Erin said...

I KNOW, right? I remember-- so clearly-- thinking THE SAME about Calum when Emmett was the same age as Cal when E was born (got that?). I thought Cal was such a big boy, when he really was not. Ah, the plague of the eldest child!

And HOW did people survive winter before antibiotics? Because we are the same over here. With 4/5ths of us drugged up to beat The Germ. But if you look at records from 150 years ago, TONS of people died from "blood poisoning." Which makes me wonder if they all had terrible sinus infections.

Pam said...

Katy looks so young but still so "switched-on". Look how she organizes which toys she gets out first and how responsive she is! That girl is super-smart.
All the males in my house are floored by some kind of illness tonight. I am similarly in awe of amoxycillin though Emily - it works so quickly.
I really need to make a decision about Pre school - can I call you this weekend?
Lastly, have fun with those answers - be creative and make some stuff up!

Oma Froehle said...

I can help you with your application! The book you are reading right now is "Trucks Go Beep!" The CD you are listening to is "Best of Veggie Tales." What would you study if you went back to school? Engineering. Hobbies? Coupon clipping and Shopping and yoga and scrapbooking (on hold at the moment). Does this help? **