Sunday, January 24, 2010

A new week

I was in such a good mood this morning. We were all starting to feel better, finally. I could breathe through my nose, fevers were gone, and I was looking forward to a week of activity outside of these four walls.

Also, after a particularly emotional night on Friday, I called the pharmacist again and decided to take David off the steroids. By Saturday, he was a completely different kid, and we were so relieved to have our sweet boy back (poor baby). Plus we thoroughly cleaned the house and did laundry yesterday, so this week felt like a clean slate. Welcome.

So I'm going to try to overlook the fact that I spent the afternoon in the urgent care getting a prescription for Katy's newly developed ear infection. And that I spent a good part of today comforting her and caring for her during the painful experience.

Because this is still a new week. The antibiotics are killing the bad guys in her ear as she sleeps, and this week is going to be good. It just IS.

After all...on Thursday we're (hopefully) going to find out what flavor of baby we're having. Katy's got it on her calendar. She also spent some time this weekend cutting pictures out of magazines of all the things we need to buy for the baby. And she's informed me that when the baby comes, she can take care of the new baby and I can take care of David. She said she knows how to change diapers, gives baths, and feed bottles. I'm thinking about taking her up on it.

And when we ask her if she wants a brother or a sister, she says, "God decides." Indeed He does, sweetheart.


Charity said...

This makes me even more anxious to get Sam off steroids!
I guess they must have thought it was okay to stop cold turkey, then. That's great!

Sorry about the ear infection.
Have you ever used those drops in the ear to lesson the pain so that you don't have to go to U.C.?

Can't wait till Thursday!!!

bluedaisy said...

Here's to a better week all around & I am excited for Thursday...boy or girl, prayers for a healthy little one :) Do you have a feeling about the sex?

Oma Froehle said...

Glad things are returning to normal. It is an exciting week for all. You will be amazed at how much help Katy will be with the baby AND with helping David some. I'm betting she will be your extra pair of hands for many things.

Send me a text on the sex!!!! PLEASE?

Pam said...

Just two days to go! I'm very excited for you all and Katy will be an amazing helper.