Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Spirit of the Season

(so I see I'm back to my old ways which is waiting a week to post and then writing a short novel. nice.)

We're busy getting into the Christmas spirit around here. I'm enjoying it, because the kids have so much fun with it. Every day seems more exciting to Katy. We got an advent calendar so she is literally counting down to Christmas. We're having lots of conversations about why we have Christmas and why we give gifts, etc., and she's asking lots of questions about Santa Claus. I always feel torn because I don't want to go into elaborate (lying) detail, but it's fun and I want to answer her questions.

We also haven't told Katy about the new baby, really, because it still seems so far away. But I did put up a mini-stocking for him/her, and today she asked me who that one was for. I'm not going to be able to keep the secret much longer, especially since I'm already wearing maternity clothes.

David is just so cute and seems so mature to me these days. He is approaching 2, and quickly. Among my favorite of his:
1) When he gets his feelings hurt, he throws himself on the floor face down, kicks his legs and pounds his fists in a poster-tantrum fashion. I just have to laugh, because really?
2) He "counts", which involves pointing to the same items over and over again and saying, "fee, foe, fie...fee, foe, fie..."
3) The kid. He is OBSESSED with cars. He will take a toy car and "drive" it all over every piece of furniture in the house, pushing things out of his way so the car can get through. The car will get stuck somewhere and he comes to me and says, "Cah? Cah? Cah?" and if I don't get up immediately to retrieve it, he starts his mantra, "Ah-MON, ah-MON, ah-MON!!" (come ON, come ON, come ON!).

That was a tangent...back to the Christmas decs...

Our tree...Old Faithful. With "colorful lights." Someday Brian will convince me to get a real tree.

I've explained in years past about our Hallmark ornament tradition. Here are this year's:

The explanation for David's is obvious. He literally threw a fit when we took it out of the box and weren't going to let him play with it. So it did a few laps around the living room before I hung it (high) on the tree.

When we saw this one, that said "New Home, 2009," we just had to get it. This is a milestone for us this year that we'll remember for a long time.

Oh, 3 year olds. I really tried to steer Katy toward one of the many other ornaments that would've had some meaning. But she insisted on this Santa. It isn't even a full size ornament, it's supposed to be for those mini-trees. But once her mind is made up...oh, well, at least it was cheaper.

Our first attempt at outdoor lights at the new house. I thought they turned out really well! Although I told Brian: too bad no one will see them, since we live at the bottom of a cul-de-sac.

The other day I took the kids to this darling little party at the local senior center. They had face painting, puppet shows, sing-a-longs, and a fabulous train with which David was obsessed. And of course, pictures with Santa. Katy was REALLY confused about that lady. I hadn't explained Mrs. Claus to her, and short of drawing a family tree, I somehow communicated that she was Santa's mommy. So anyway, David started crying when I put him on her lap, but she was able to distract him with some jingle bells long enough to take the picture. And Katy told Santa, as promised, what she would like for Christmas. Ugh.
There was a brief minute at the senior party in which I could NOT find Katy. That is always a terrifying feeling, and I literally grabbed a cop by the arm (there was a cop. I know, random.) and said, "Three year old! Green dress!" and he knew what I meant. When I found her, she was bawling, crying, "Mommy, I couldn't find you! I didn't know where you were!" and I was choking back tears myself. That is the worst feeling. Makes my stomach churn.


Pam said...

I love your post and could write 6 comments but the last bit got me because I had a similar experience at Target with Jack. He hid in a clothes rack in about 3 seconds and I panicked. My chest was banging and I was spinning around shouting his name. Little bugger will put me in an early grave.

tracy said...

Gosh Em! Sorry about the experience at the party, how scary. I took the girls out yesterday and as I was putting Martha in the car to go home, Ruth sprinted around to the other side of the car -- so not only could I not see her, but she was running around IN A PARKING LOT.

Ruth is so excited about Christmas and all of the preparations, too, and it's making things really exciting and fun this year. Sounds like you guys have struck a good balance between recognizing the religious significance and having fun with the Santa aspect, which is something we're striving for as well.

ps: I got your card the other day, and the kids?? Adorable!