Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Videos

One that I wish I had captured on video:

-When I got up to help Katy with something in the middle of a Christmas gathering and she shouted in pure genuine glee: "Mommy!! Your tummy is SO BIG! Did you eat too much food on Christmas?" Everyone started cracking up and I muttered "yes, I did," because I was not prepared in that moment to have the "We're having another baby!" chat. But it's coming soon, because she also asked me why I bought another stocking at Target today.

And when you have a few minutes, some moments that I did capture on video:

Notice his expression on the third hit. I laugh out loud every. time.

Learning to be a card shark:

Big reveal, which cracked me up because she never once mentioned wanting a dollhouse. In fact, I asked her once several weeks ago if she would like to have one and she said "no." Good thing I know better than to listen to her.

Interview with David on Christmas Eve.


Pam said...

Fabulous videos! David's expression is so funny. I couldn't open the card shark one - my computer probably playing up. I'm glad you all had/are having a good time and can't wait to see you guys Friday. XX

Charity said...

These are cute. Glad you posted them!