Thursday, December 03, 2009

How far do you take the Santa thing?

I know some households don't do Santa, and I do understand their point. If you build up Santa, it takes away from the true meaning of Christmas, and when they find out you lied to them there will be trust issues, etc. But Brian and I decided that for us, Santa was hard to avoid, that we wouldn't build it up to be a big part of Christmas, but we'd go along with it. I have fond memories of the mystery of Santa from when I was young. I don't even remember finding out he wasn't real, so I certainly don't think it caused any trust issues for me. I DO remember one time when I was 7 or so I asked my mom, "So if Santa knows if you've been bad or good, does he know everything, like God?" And her eyes got really wide and she exclaimed, "NO! Santa is NOTHING like God!!" Maybe that was my first clue.

So anyway, Katy's very interested in Santa this year. She talks about going to sit on his lap and telling him what she wants for Christmas. But here's the thing: I've asked her several times what she's going to tell him that she wants. And she has picked this completely random toy that she saw at Target that is something I wouldn't have picked. But she keeps insisting that she's going to tell Santa that she wants it. So if I don't get it for her, will that squelch her belief? But I don't want her to think that she can ask for anything she wants and receive it. I've been trying to say, "Well, sometimes Santa can't get exactly what you ask, but he might bring something else that you will really like." But she keeps insisting, she's going to ask Santa for this.

I just know it's one of those things that she'll play with for half an hour and then it will sit. Most of the reason she wants it is because she likes the show. I have ideas for other things that will hopefully have a longer play-life. And $20-some dollars for that? I don't think so.

I don't know...just wondering what you do.


Weed said...

Hmmmm...could you maybe have her choose a couple of things she could ask him for (or suggest some other, more appropriate things to help her think of other things), so then when she gets one of them, she wouldn't feel so bad? Or maybe get a smaller, less expensive Kai-lan toy of some sort (or even a Kai-lan book or stickers or something) so at least "Santa" took notice that she likes Kai-lan.... Hope that's helpful!

Oma Froehle said...

I like Weed's idea of a Kai-lan substitute (even though I don't know what Kai-Lan is). As you know, we always limited Santa to one present that was not usually the biggest thing you got. After all, Santa only has so much room in the sleigh . . . and there are lots of children getting presents. And wouldn't it be fun if Santa brought a SURPRIZE??? He might have something even better than the what-cha-ma-callit.

Pam said...

I'm going through something similar only Jack has 3 things he wants to ask Santa for and he rotates. I've told him one gift IF HE'S GOOD and of course Santa is always watching. I've used that line already 3 times today. Bad mummy.

Kelsey said...

I don't know what you decided to do about this, but we are pretty heavy into Santa around here and last year I freaked out at the last minute and allowed my mom to buy the expensive toy from Santa that Harper suddenly wanted more than anything in the world. This was after several weeks of being certain we wouldn't get it for her... she was thrilled Christmas morning and then only played with it for about two weeks. I will probably donate it or pass it along to another family soon because it is practically new from lack of use.

Because of the expense of the toy I wish I hadn't caved - we worried that there were only so many years that she'd be excited about Santa and. Hindsight is 20-20! Harper was also kind of overwhelmed Christmas morning because there were lots of gifts - this year I'm not so worried about the Santa gift making a huge impact.