Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big News = Craziness

Oh my goodness, things have been so crazy, haven't they? In addition to Christmas-week, the 2 pieces of Big News that I posted have also made things extra busy. The most of which was that my mom came into town this week to go wedding dress shopping with my sister, and I was able to go along, which was awesome. She found an incredible dress and things are really underway. And they're underway for May now instead of April. So...we're looking into some creative options for how to dress my enormous belly, because the cute little bridesmaid dress that she picked wouldn't even cover my rear end, let alone my belly at 8 months pregnant. It'll be an adventure. Oh, and I am aware that I am technically a Matron of honor instead of a Maid, but the term "Matron" is so...I don't know...matronly. Don't you think? It makes me feel old and saggy or something. So yeah, we'll probably have to put that on the program, but I'm going to stick with "MOH" for now.

So here's a peek into some events from the last couple of weeks:

David, Jack, and Katy at Wildlights at the Zoo. Love this event, if you can go when it isn't crowded.

Visiting the model train display in the downtown library. David is a big fan of trains.

Katy's Christmas party at school (aka "Sugar Fest 2009")

Who says you can't sled in one inch of snow?

First snowman. Definitely Daddy's job.

David's haircut and Katy's latest battle scar - a scrape across the face from running into something at Home Depot.

Katy wrapped this all by herself, even the tag!

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Pam said...

Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas today. Take care and hopefully we'll get together this week. XXX