Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clarification/ 7 months/ a question

Okay, just to clarify: I got the impression from some of your comments on the jack-o-lantern post that you believe that I drew those pumpkins faces. I should've posted the first picture, *ahem* which was me printing those templates off of that there internet. That was the creatively challenged part. I couldn't draw a pumpkin face with tracing paper. But thanks for your vote of confidence. :)

David turned 7 months yesterday, so I weighed and measured him. He's 28 inches long and weighs somewhere between 20-20.5 lbs. (big enough to face forward in the car seat if he were a year old). David celebrated by a) sleeping 12 hours through the night for the first time (and the second last night, but it's a fluke, right? I'm not getting my hopes up, right?) and b) staining the carpet in another poop-spolsion (Erin gets term credit for this one). Yes, he was sitting on a blanket at the time, but the carpet is still stained. He did NOT celebrate by taking a bottle.

Finally, a quick question about those with flu-shot experience. We're supposed to go tomorrow, and David will get the 2nd half of his shot. But for Katy, I'm terrified because of her pediatrician anxiety. My first question is: mist or shot? Mist is less painful (any less effective?) but at least they wouldn't be coming straight for her face. Second question: should I tell her where we're going/what we're doing? She will ask when we get in the car where we're going. What do I say? Oh, this is gonna be bad. How is she ever supposed to get over the anxiety if every time we go it is traumatizing?

Oh, and we're feeling better, just some residual symptoms. We were in this same spot a week ago and I thought we were done, but then it came back. So hopefully we're over it for real this time.


Weed said...

We decided not to get a flu shot for her. I know I very well may regret it in a couple of months when she has the flu, but we decided it wasn't worth the anxiety (for all of us!) or the tears. We didn't get one last year, either.
I did hear the mist is much better, but I was talking to a mom of older kids, so I don't know about it for Katy...
Sorry, I'm not much help, but just wanted to tell you that if you didn't get one for her, you wouldn't be the only one.

Pam said...

Jack had the mist and was fine with it. Those nurses are so QUICK, it was a short blast up each nose and it was over before he could get upset.
The nurse will probably do it - is Katy as bad around women as men?

bluedaisy said...

We have only done the flu shot but if your doc says okay and you think it might be easier, go with the mist! In terms of the prep, it might not be good to totally blind-side her. Maybe tell her AFTER she is in the car? Talk about calming things during the ride, play some music she likes and let her take a lovey or some comfort object with her for courage. Not sure if that is enough? If not, pull out your best bribery item!!

Kelsey said...

I think you definitely should get the vaccine this year, if only because David is in the house. Obviously go with what your doctor says, but I probably wouldn't skip it.

I don't have any experience with the mist versus the shot, but I'd go for the mist if they have that option for sure.

I would not blindside Katy. I really believe she's old enough to appreciate the truth, or be really upset if you lie to her. I guess maybe I wouldn't talk it to death, but I definitely would not lie to her or surprise her with it!