Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick follow-up

Thanks guys! I cannot believe it, but the flu shot/mist went without a hitch! I decided to do the mist for Katy since you all agreed that would be less traumatic. It was! I told Katy we were going to see the nurse (not Dr. B) to get "special medicine," and that blankie needed some, too. She was really excited to take blankie. So she started to get visibly nervous when we entered the exam room, but the nurse let me hold her, told her to look at the sky, sprayed the stuff up her nose, and she barley flinched! Then she gave her a lollipop, and Katy sucked it down to the stick without a word. And David didn't cry very hard, either. Shew! So relieved that's over. I wanted to get it, especially because we're going on a cruise this winter, and cruises can be germy.

So anyway, after that appointment, Brian and I tried to go vote. They've really been pushing this early voting thing here in Ohio, and I am willing to do anything to avoid waiting 5 hours like I did in 2004. But guess what? We pulled into the parking lot and knew it didn't look pretty. We walked inside (with both kids in tow, of course), and I got in line while Brian surveyed the damage. He came back and estimated a 1-3 hour wait to vote. So we promptly returned to our vehicles - AIN'T NO WAY we can wait in that line with 2 kids. Now I'm hoping that this was a lunch hour rush or something, because I'm starting to get worried. I still live in the same district that I did in 2004, so what if it's the same scenario? Or even if it's 2 hours instead of 5, I just can't do it! But I really want to vote! Why does it have to be so hard to vote? It's really frustrating. Anyone else tried early voting?

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bluedaisy said...

That's so great that the doc visit went smoothly! I might consider the mist option too... I am not aware of early voting in our area BUT I would totally do it if possible. I will have to check into that!