Sunday, October 12, 2008


How has it been almost a week since I've last updated? I feel as if time is slipping through my fingers lately...lost in the midst of busy days...

  • Everyone in our house has had some form of illness during the last 2 weeks. Much of it has been minor, but both of the kids have colds, and that's no fun.
  • I'm hoping and praying that the cold is to blame for the changes in David's sleeping patterns and for his crankiness. His morning nap is lasting about 30 minutes these days, which means that he's ready for an afternoon nap way too early, which means that the two of them don't nap at the same time, which means I don't have any time without the kids to get my work done, let alone housework or cooking or blogging or other important stuff.
  • After 6 months of taking the bottle without protest - guess who's decided to refuse? We've tried 4 bottles given by 3 different people in the past week and he won't have anything to do with it. We were kinda lazy about making sure he had them on a semi-regular basis, so I suppose it's my own fault, but oh, man, if he won't take the bottle, that makes it really tough to do ...anything.
  • This weekend was my token Buckeye game. Brian and I went, and my mom and Greg came to town to watch the kids. It was nice to go and relax and watch the game, even though it was a pretty boring one. Oh, and I got some new clothes, as needed.
  • Katy is taking a Toddler Tumbling class this fall, along with her friend Jack. Last week was a mediocre start as the instructor was absent, but this week was a stitch. I literally cannot count how many times in 30 minutes I said, "Wait, Katy. It's not your turn yet. We have to wait. Wait our turn. Now it's your turn, ok, now let's wait again. Wait your turn. We have to wait, it's his turn now. Not Katy's turn yet..." while I'm physically holding her back from plowing over all the cute little 15 month olds that wouldn't see her coming. But she had a blast. I hope it continues to be a good experience.
  • Has anyone else used those grocery carts that look like cars with the little TV's in the front playing Dora or Barney? When I first saw them, I thought, "Well, that's a bit over the top, don't you think?" But that was before I had a 2 year old and an infant. Those things are a GODSEND. The first time we tried one, Katy talked about it for a week, and if we go to the store for just a couple of things and don't get one: total meltdown. So I guess it's good and it's bad. But I have to say that they have saved me money because I've been able to concentrate on the sales and my coupons while my toddler is entertained.

I promise it won't be another week before I post. I've got to start getting warmed up for NaBloPoMo!!


Erin said...

WAIT. Grocery carts with TVs IN THEM?! I have never heard of such a thing. I AM JEALOUS.

I bet the sleep AND the bottle-strike are related to David not feeling well. I hope so! I know my boys would get unusually mad at the bottle when they had runny noses, sore throats, or teething. Otherwise my boys were like yours: the LOVE to eat. Have you tried a cup? I know he's young, but maybe while he's not happy with the bottle? Just a thought.

Hope life slows a little bit for you soon!

Pam said...

The game was a bit boring wasn't it? loads of injuries too but that's synthetic turf for you.
Jack loved the gymnastics this week too - I hope our new teacher next week is as good.
Those carts have worked for me 3 times before he got bored and climbed out. The front has no window - so he throws out his water bottle, then shoes and finally himself. I nearly ran him over in Meiers yesterday. Sadly, another handy trick for some peaceful shopping has come to an end for me :-(

Kelsey said...

We haven't used the TV carts yet, I think they are only in Wal-Mart around here and I try never to go in there with the kids - too stressful! In truth, these days I rarely run an errand with both kids. I'm lucky that it works out with Harper being in school, or I go out at night when Matt's home.

Sorry about the bottle thing. Harper pulled that and NEVER took one, ever. Made for a very short leash for me the first year of her life. Would David use a sippy cup? That was something our ped. recommended when Harper refused the bottle - I'm pretty sure he's old enough to try! Hope that is a temporary thing for you.

bluedaisy said...

TV's in the carts? I hope they make their way to PA very soon. I can actually take both kids to the store and get a good bit done but an additional distraction option would be cool too! I hope everyone gets back to healthy soon and maybe some of the bottle/sleep issues will ease up as well!

Mommy Daisy said...

We've had the TV carts at Meijer for a while now, but I never use them. Zachariah does pretty well in the store as is and I don't want to start becuase I know we'd have to do it every time. Also the main cart is smaller...which I don't understand.

Yay Buckeyes!

Wow, I guess NaBloPoMo is coming up quickly. Well, I'll have to decide if I'm ready to try that again this year.