Friday, October 03, 2008

Linky love for baby blogs

Awhile back I tried to apply peer pressure to get more of you to start blogs. I'm not sure it worked (darnit), but I've subscribed to several new blogs lately, and I thought I'd introduce you:

  • Katy's cousins who just moved to the Philly area (and are greatly, greatly missed over here in the Buckeye state) have started a family blog! Go read about the bliss of taking 3 girls to the American Girl store.
  • My friend Kate from life group just debuted her blog, Thursday Kate. Not only will you want to check out their adorable Baby Frank, but be prepared to laugh out loud as you read about her in-law's bi-annual garage sale.
  • I've also recent "met" bluedaisy over at Little boys are made of... this has been one of the unexpected pleasures of blogging, meeting other moms in similar stages who can be supportive of each other in our adventures in parenting. Bluedaisy has 2 boys, 1 year apart, the older of whom is Katy's age. Go say hi!
  • And finally, I've mentioned before my neighbor Charity, and what a blessing they have been living next door to us for several years. They have 3 kids, with a 4th on the way in February. Recently their 4 year old son, Sam, was diagnosed with a very serious disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. What they need now is some serious prayer and support. Charity has started a blog to keep everyone up to date on the challenges they face and victories they achieve. The more people who know and are praying, the better.

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bluedaisy said...

Hey Emily, You should know that YOUR peer pressure post did inspire me to start my own blog (back when I was in the read-only stage known as "lurking"). Gotta tell you that I feel semi-famous now that you have mentioned me on your blog :) Thanks for mentioning me and I agree with you on the benefit of gaining mom support via blogging- it's very cool!
Jane (aka bluedaisy)