Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat '09

(Here we go, it's November 1st. Let's see how we do!)

Katy has been looking forward to Halloween for months, and it did not disappoint. Based on David's reaction this evening, he would've been looking forward to it, too, if only he had known. In past years, we have gone trick or treating with our former neighbors and friends, Brooklyn and Co. This year they came and joined us in our new neighborhood, and we also joined forces with our new neighbors. This family has been such a blessing on our street in the past few months. (Can you believe we've lived here for 5 months?)

On Thursday, Katy had her Halloween party at school, which included a "parade." To be honest, the kids looked a little confused as to why they were walking around the gym in front of their parents, at school? But she had a blast, of course. My mom made her fairy costume this year. At school we opted for a smaller pair of wings so as not to bother her classmates.

Our trick or treating troop for '09 included: Mary (dog), Brooklyn (cat), Katy (fairy), Caroline (bride), David (lamb), and Maddie (zebra). This is the same lamb costume that Katy wore 2 years ago, and it got so many comments that I had to use it again.

Maddie insisted on walking the whole time, which means that poor Stephanie was always a few houses back. But she had fun!

Katy and her new bud Caroline. They're in dance class and AWANA together, and of course they have a dynamic relationship like any 3 and 4 year old would have.

Brooklyn sporting some impressive face painting!

At the end of the night, the kids picked a couple of pieces of candy to enjoy and basked in the glory that is Halloween. Katy squealed with excitement after she left every house. And David got the hang of it very quickly. Saying, "pees" and "date doo" with cues. He wanted to walk up to every door and would often drop his "buckek" somewhere along the way. He was sweet as pie and I could've squeezed him all night. And after the costumes were off and the candy was put away, Katy sighed several times and said, "That was fun, trick or treating."
A good night. A good night indeed.


Pam said...

Great pictures Emily. I'm glad you all had a good time. It's funny how my mind has already switched into Christmas mode though!

bluedaisy said...

Oh my, they are so adorable and it looks like everyone had so much fun!! I love that David was so into it--that just makes it even more fun :)

Kelsey said...

They looked great Em - I'm so glad you guys had a good night!

Charity said...

So cute!!!

Weed said...

Love that lamb costume....I remember when Katy wore it, and still love it just as much on sweet David. Glad they had such a great time!