Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dance Class Finale

I mentioned a while back that Katy was taking a casual dance class. It has been a really good experience that I have enjoyed for several reasons:

1) It's at a local church, on stage, so we're able to hang out in the santuary and watch.

2) No dress code or pricey recital outfits like studio lessons (which I might do if she's older and shows a serious interest, but didn't want to do at age 3).

3) About a third of the cost of studio lessons.

4) Katy has had a blast doing it.

5) A few mom friends are in the class, so I've enjoyed their company on a weekly basis.

So for the last class in this series, they did a little performance for us. I took a video to show here. It's a good 5 minutes, so I'm sure only some of you will be interested in watching. But yes, my child is the only one not wearing a skirt (she refuses). And yes, that's my child standing off to the side complaining that she's tired for the first half of the performance (she does better the 2nd half). And yes, she was still quite proud of herself at the end. Just makes me glad I didn't pay $150 for a recital outfit so she could do that in front of 300 other parents. Oh, well!

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Charity said...

Thanks for posting this! Sad Ella & I couldn't be there, though!